Fruits that have the most calories

Viviane Freitas

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  • 2014

Fruits that have the most calories

  • 5
  • Mar
  • 2014

The fruits that make you gain weight are those that have more fat and sugar, because they have more calories they can make you gain weight if consumed in large quantities.

Although fruits are always excellent alternatives to sweets and desserts, because they have vitamins, minerals and fiber, but if consumed excessively it will result in a high caloric intake that can lead to weight gain.

Some fruits that should be consumed in moderation, especially when you are dieting are:

• Coconut: The coconut is a fruit rich in fat and therefore very caloric. 100 g of coconut has 266 calories.

• Acai berry: Acai is a fruit known for its antioxidant attributes, which strengthens the body’s organism, but it also has a lot of calories because it has a good amount of healthy fat. 100 g of acai berry has 247 calories.

• Avocado: Avocado is one of the fruits that is most rich in fat. Even though it’s a healthy fat it has lots of calories and therefore, if consumed too much it can contribute to weight gain. 100 g of avocado is 108 calories.

Bananas: Bananas, especially when they are fully ripe, contains a lot of sugar. 100 g of banana has 19.6 g of sugar and 95 calories.

• Grapes: grapes are especially known for the presence of resveratrol in the peel, which has anti – inflammatory and anticancer property. 100g of grapes have 72 calories and 17.3g of sugar.

• Persimmons: there are different types of Persimmons, the red ones have more sugar, 14.8 g of sugar and 58 calories in 100 g, therefore, this fruit may cause weight gain if consumed in excess.

• Fruits in syrup: they have too much sugar. Half a peach without syrup has15.4 calories and 3 g of sugar, while half of a peach in syrup has 50 calories and 12.3g of sugar.
It is important to consume 3-5 pieces of fruit per day, but the coconut, acai, avocado, banana, grape and Persimmon are the most caloric fruits and high in fat which should be avoided, preferring other fruits like strawberry, apple, pear, melon, pineapple, watermelon, papaya or kiwi.

Bananas are also in the list of fruits that help you lose weight, because it curves your appetite, despite having a lot of calories.

Does it mean that if you want to lose weight you cannot eat these fruits? No, but everything must be done in moderation if you want to gain or lose weight.
A moderate, disciplined lifestyle is the basis of health and wellness.
Take care of yourself!

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  1. Thank you very much for this message, i love bananas very much and at this very moment i have two of them on my desk. i eat a lot of bananas instead of fasts foods and sweets but i did not know that there is a negative effect of doing this.

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