Must-haves in your closet

Viviane Freitas

  • 4
  • Mar
  • 2014

Must-haves in your closet

  • 4
  • Mar
  • 2014

My “beloved” basic black dress:


Every woman should have a black dress, smooth and easy to use. I have one and I confess that I’ve worn it to various events and meetings. By changing the belt and accessories it totally changes the look of the dress. In winter you can wear it with a blazer, jacket, or boots. In the summer you can wear it with flats, high heels, during the day or night.

2 -Jeans


Jeans is essential in our closet! Plain or a darker wash not only make your legs look thinner, but they make your figure look leaner. They give you a very casual and comfortable look. Not to mention they go very well with vibrant colors and stamps, you can take advantage of the animal prints that are very in right now.

3 – Blazer


You can use all styles of blazers. Neutral colors are so versatile and they look great if used in contrast with brighter colors and/or prints.

4 – Flats


They are comfortable, beautiful and easy to use. There’s no mystery, just wear them!

6 – White shirt


A key piece, there isn’t much to say: it is elegant and can be used in any occasion.

The garments mentioned here can be found at very affordable stores. Let us mix and match all the pieces and make a beautiful look!
Kiss girls.

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  1. I need to go shopping for more blazers. Thank you 🙂

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  2. Hello Mrs.Viviane
    A big hugg…

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