From Children to Parents: Educate Yourself!

Andreia Petrucci

  • 20
  • Apr
  • 2015

From Children to Parents : Educate Yourself!

  • 20
  • Apr
  • 2015

This month, going through a personal experience, I was able to deeply understand how to change something that has been part of us for a long time…

And below I give some examples of people who may even already know God and even be baptized with the Holy Spirit. We must never forget that the work of “modeling”, renovation and restoration, in us, must be continuous… this is the way that God perfects us in His presence.

– How to transform a person who usually speaks a lot in to someone who weighs and measures her words?
– How can someone who did not have a childhood accompanied by present parents, become a responsible and mature adult?
– How can people who had no opportunity to continue his or her studies, become someone interesting and influential?


And then comes to mind, how a child is accompanied; how we received instructions over time: We hardly accepted when we were told not to do something, simply because… we did not understand! But when they stopped and explained the reason, when they invested in us in order to teach us the way or the right manner to act, it was different! We could easily discern right from wrong and ground our choices correctly.

And even in adulthood, it’s not any different!

Sometimes looking at myself and thinking about what I would have to change, I would ask: “How?” “If I did it this way it would seem forced … It will not be of me!” And indeed I should not change just because they told me to or “just because” … But because I recognize the need to subject myself to an “education” that will transform me into a better person, better qualified, better wife, mother, friend, woman of God!

” Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser;
Teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.” (Pv.9: 9)

From the moment I understand the reason of my need to change, there is a much deeper reason—I will do it for me, because I value myself, because I need to!
Thus, I will not limit myself in any aspect:

– I recognize my personality flaws and I educate myself in the way of being and acting;
– I do not limit myself to what I know or have learned, but I renew my knowledge every day.

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” (RM12: 2)

I can give examples of so many servants of God who did not come from united and functional families; of so many others who were involved in gangs, of who had their childhood and adolescence destroyed … Still, because there was a voluntary submission to the teachings and a constant practice of the “education” coming from God, they became proficient transmitters not only of the Word, but of salvation! Transmitting life, with theirs.

“Educate yourself” today, “educate” your son, daughter, according to what is right. Never despise teachings or correction regardless at what point you are at, because when we stop learning, we stop “growing”!

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