My Taste: I like to be Me!

Viviane Freitas

  • 20
  • Apr
  • 2015

My Taste : I like to be Me!

  • 20
  • Apr
  • 2015

I like to be me!
How so?

How many times have I limited myself?!
How many have I been trapped inside myself because of what others thought of me?!
How many times have I denied myself who I really wanted to be?!!!!!

How often did I let myself be me? Many times, but it only ended after I became free of everything that was tying me down. And that has everything to do with the spiritual.

Many people give importance to material things or there are people that don’t take care of themselves. And deep inside, they cannot be happy, as well as love others. Why?

They don’t like themselves, better yet they don’t love themselves. They depend on the approval of others!


But Jesus “bought” me! Why should I depend on a “crumb” of attention for me to value myself?

You know, there are many times that I do things by myself. No one has the courage! For example, sometimes I feel like dancing in front of everyone. Not to show off but to demonstrate what is inside of me.

I like to not feel ashamed!
I like to not wait for anyone!
I love starting things with my own belief.
It makes me really be who I am and I don’t nullify what God has created within me.

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4 comentários

  1. Good day Mrs Viviane thanks again. There was a lime in my life where I wanted to just be myself. I use to do things to please others all when it makes me unhappy. I didn’t value myself much. I rely on other to complement me. All because I my exhusband migrated to the USA leaving me am my boy to suffer. I was young so I taught something was wrong with me. Thanks to the Uckg I learn that God died for me i am special. Now I put God first in my life , I am truly been me?????? and I am l?veing me.

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  2. We must not be ashamed about who we are, we must be excited to do new things.

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  3. I Like this post, for years I have limited myself but now slowly I start to see myself in a better way and have improved a lot.

    Thank you for sharing this

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  4. Wow interesting article Mrs V. Indeed many times we let our selves be slaves in such a way wanting to do what others thinks is the best for us.
    I love dancing as well because its something I do when I feel good. Thank you so much fir sharing.

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