From a lion to a kitten

Viviane Freitas

  • 26
  • Jul
  • 2013

From a lion to a kitten

  • 26
  • Jul
  • 2013

Youths, how are you?

What have you achieved lately?

What has your reaction been when faced with challenges?
Whether it’s at work, school, with family or even in a loss.

Before you were bold nothing intimidated you. You liked challenges and saw them as an opportunity to grow, mature and conquer. You felt alive and were even an example to others.

And you have grown as a person and have surpassed many things.

But today, as time passed you became accommodated with the situation. You became weak and became haven’t been able to go forward. Everything to you now is complicated, tiring and you run away from the challenges and obstacles.
You, who in the past were a “lion” today, have become a ‘kitten’.
And I ask you, how long will you continue that way?
Are you going to stand there, watching time go by without doing anything about it? Thinking that your opportunity has passed, that it’s not worth it anymore and that this is the life God chose for you?!
I say no!
STOP having these negative thoughts! Don’t blame God for the choices you’ve made.
Snap out of it and take hold of a new identity.

You are young; you have so many challenges to overcome.
Go the nearest Youth Force group and join. If you’ve already joined then seek guidance from the person responsible for the group. Asks for help while there is still time!
If you would like send an email or leave your prayer request on our Facebook page as we will be delighted to help you.
Europe Youth Force:

We’ll be waiting!

A hug.

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