The pastor’s wife   

Viviane Freitas

  • 26
  • Jul
  • 2013

The pastor’s wife  

  • 26
  • Jul
  • 2013

Today I would like to address myself to all the women who deal with people in the Church.[
Many women come to us with a very difficult past, especially in their family where they grew up.

They have all sorts of problems due to the upbringing they’ve had. Therefore they have difficulty showing affection to their family, which affect their life at home.
They come to us with many type of problems.
These women are in your Church. Most of them are right there before you and maybe they never seek you for help. Why?
It’s because they haven’t found anyone to accompany them in their Spiritual journey and give their life for them.
Step out of your comfort zone, get up and go to them because these women need your help. Most of the time the Pastor even addresses the problem they are facing, but it’s not directly to them It’s to the whole congregation and therefore they aren’t able to take full advantage of the solution.
It’s so important that you help these women. If it weren’t so then God wouldn’t have instituted the Church.
You are so important that God not only gave us His Word, but above all, His presence.
If you as a wife don’t play the mother role in your Church, then those women will be orphans. Even if they have the presence of a father (Pastor) they still need a mother present (Pastor’s wife) to complete their Spiritual development.
It’s not just about counseling them, but you must invest your time in observing every detail, behavior and attendance in the house of God, etc..
You need the people to ignite the flame of your faith! If you isolate yourself and only focused on your world you ’ll be further away from God.
If you live your life worrying about papers work, cleaning, or your own life you will never be spiritual. All of this is important, but it never saved anyone and never will.
The people represent God, and we represent God to the people. This is why it’s so important to work hand on hand with the people.
I will be addressing this issue in our program “Coisas de Mulher” in August. I will talk about the “X’s”. There are many who are now serving on the altar and have already started going down the path of becoming an “X”.
If you’re in church and everything has became a normal routine. Wake up because you are on your way to becoming an “X”.
Dear reader, open your eyes and remember that what you sow today you’ll reap tomorrow.
You have the opportunity to revert the situation. Be disciplined in a way that tomorrow you won’t need to have discipline imposed on to you because of your actions.

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3 comentários

  1. I think this is a strong message,we do have to do our part it can not be just a routine to us we have to step out of our confort zone.

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  2. Dear Mrs Vivi,

    This is so true. I am responsible for the souls that God brings my way and if I become negligent with what God has given me or do it anyhow, their blood is on my hands. It’s a great privilege to serve God through helping others and I have to watch so I can not be distracted.

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  3. You are also speaking to the assistants, in my case the church has our mum, but she has to do everything as we do not have an auxiliary Pastor.

    She is overwhelmed people do not want to worry her. I think the assistants need to help more.

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