Faith… Receive power

Viviane Freitas

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  • May
  • 2015

Faith… Receive power

  • 1
  • May
  • 2015

Hello to all cybernauts, it’s always a pleasure to be here with you!

And today we are going to pursue the matter related to faith. We finished the topic of prayer. I believe that you already understand how to pray and if you are practicing what was covered, I think you’re getting answers.

On to the subject mentioned above: “Faith … receive power.”

You can follow in Hebrews 11:11

“By faith Sarah herself also received the power to conceive seed, and she bore a child when she was past the age, because she judged Him faithful who had promised.”

You see, cybernaut friend, that faith gives you power: power to be baptized with the Holy Spirit; to be born again; to be free from evil … and it puts an end to the problems, those impossible situations in your life.

“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for …”

You may be listening to this audio and be expecting something negative!

“How so, Viviane ?!” – You ask yourself … because within you there exists this perception that you may never solve this problem inside or you don’t even see yourself receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit! You may even say that you want It, but you do not believe this can happen to you. You may think that too much time has passed already and you look at yourself and see so many failures, so many sins, and to top it all off, you do not deem yourself worthy. When you nourish these thoughts, you are not acting in faith, but actually feeding the doubt.

Faith enables you to receive power to achieve what you want: may it be to be liberated, to be converted, to be born again, the baptism of the Holy Spirit; to reach all the blessings promised. It also serves to change your interior, to change your wrong way of being: shy, spiteful, full of doubts and fears, disabilities; etc.

Faith makes you receive strength!

And I ask:

“Are you manifesting faith or doubt?!”

One thing is certain, doubt does not bring you answers!

Faith brings you peace, makes you act the way you should act and makes you become defined, allowing you to see what you want to achieve. You do not keeping looking for flaws, failures, or sins you have committed. Rather, you see where you failed and you resolve it: you ask forgiveness, you confess and you change your ways, and in the end you take an attitude in favor of your goal, your certainty and in this way you will act in faith.

When talking to God, look at His Promises and tell Him: “Even though, God, I’m nourishing these feelings, I do not want them! I want to do what the Lord has promised! I don’t know what’s going to happen and I don’t even care about my feelings, emotions or thoughts, if I deserve it or not, what I am or cease to be …I only know one thing, my Father, that I brought myself to the Lord and it’s from You that I want an answer. I can’t live like this anymore!”

When you talk like that with God, you expresses what you are living and also makes it clear what you want to achieve.

Therefore, cybernaut friend, when you take this kind of attitude, you get power over that circumstance or problem. And when you receive this power and look at the target, talk to God demanding what you want to happen. Don’t stay focused on imperfections or on weaknesses, but on what He has promised.

And I want to draw your attention, cybernaut friend, to the fact that your communication is of paramount importance and, in addition, do not forget that faith is certainty, and when that certainty is imbued within your being, it is something divine because it comes from God. It’s a piece of God within you!

Observe verse 11 mentioned above …

Notice that you receive strength when you see that God is faithful to what He promised. Automatically you receive strength and acquire power in His promise.

So if I see God as faithful to His promise, then why should I fear? Why is there a sense of failure ?! Because it is not faith!!!

You may ask, “But how do I obtain this pure, bold faith?”

My fellow cybernaut friend, empty yourself and visualize the promise, and after focusing on it, require the answer in your life. You should not only do it when you are talking to God, but especially in your daily lives, the moment you come upon your feelings. So you should be attentive in order to detect the devil’s trap and also to detect what comes from within. Because fear and doubt are not the devil, those feelings come from within; they are yours!

When you hear negative words, they will make you feel and be in emotion, especially if they come from family or someone you love, or through a situation that you do not know how to solve … when see yourself under the circumstances, unable to act.

But when you believe and have faith, and you have this certainty within you: that God is faithful, there is no doubt! And if it’s the opposite, you must expel those uncertainties. This way, you can look at what God has promised.

And you know what I sense through this kind of attitude? When you have many doubts, it means that your relationship with God is poor, weak.

Notice when you act in faith, once you hear the audio, you are already looking for a solution to your problem. If not, once you live with these doubts, you don’t have a relationship with God and then later you demonstrate a fragile faith. Notice that you exemplify an obsolete faith.

Maybe you only have a relationship with God only to have “gains” and to obtain the benefits of faith. But when a person is “in debt” with God and doesn’t receive power to change or develop, to achieve their salvation, or live in newness of life with God they live in doubt concerning the circumstances.

Therefore, you can see how important it is to participate in the Wednesday meetings, in vigils, evangelization, i.e. being involved with all who values their salvation. Because when you go with all your strength, even if everything around you is bad, you will invest in yourself and in your relationship with God. Participate in meetings, exercise your faith to talk to the devil, telling him not to do his will; that you won’t give in to his own desires and thoughts. In this way, you define what you want, because you get power to meet your goal, and what you want to achieve. This kind of attitude is faith, to act with certainty, to defend what you intend to achieve.

So, cybernaut friend, defend your faith and go against the devil, do not feed the doubts,nor the lies and attacks of the evil one. Observe your focus and invest in your relationship with God. Read and meditate on the Bible and learn how to use intelligent faith which will make you an independent person regardless of the circumstances.

For example, when you read my journal, you can see how I feel, but I get over it, because I’m independent from feelings because of my dependency on the Holy Spirit. I can help others because I live by faith. I do not turn to the faith only to win, but to be what I’m supposed to be.

Leave your comment and may God bless you abundantly!

I want you to be His blessing and to act with intelligent faith.

A hug and see you next time!

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  1. dear Mrs, thank you so much this really helps. I have tried it just after reading your post and it works. May God bless you more. All doubts and fear are cast out.

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  2. I understand and thank you very much for this message may God continue to use you. God bless you

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  3. thank you for the very strong message Dona Viviane… This post helps me a lot. God bless you more hugs

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