Health: How to take advantage of a doctor’s appointment?

Bárbara Filipe

  • 1
  • May
  • 2015

Health : How to take advantage of a doctor’s appointment?

  • 1
  • May
  • 2015

A doctor’s appointment can either be of great benefit, or a simple office visit for a medical prescription. But how can we make that difference? The difference lies in how we prepare for the appointment beforehand.

Let’s think about what steps should be taken so that you have the best medical response to the situation you are going through.

How to prepare for your appointment

1 – First you must decide what kind of medical attention is needed, if possible. For example, if you have a tooth-ache you know you have to go to the dentist, but what if you have a pain or a symptom that you can’t identify which doctor you should visit? The best thing to do is to first go to a general practitioner for a correct diagnosis.

2 – Schedule your appointment in a time and day that you know you won’t have any other commitment that can “stress” you before the visit or that will make you have your “head in the clouds” all day.

3 –Prepare beforehand the last test results you may have, like any x-rays, electrocardiogram among others, so you can take it with you on the day of your appointment.

4 – After you visit with the general practitioner and if you need to see a specialist, you should seek references on this particular specialist.
***You can immediately as the general practitioner, or search for one online. Always check his or her professional background, which are often offered on the hospitals websites where the doctor does his or her practice.

During your appointment

 – Always give a brief description of your medical history including your genetic background.
– Explain in detail your symptoms and let the doctor know of any medication you might be already taking.

– Clarify any doubts you may have about your symptoms or about any medication or tests that are prescribed by doctor.

– Let the doctor know of any previous allergic reaction to any medication.

After your appointment

– Follow all of the doctor’s instruction as to any prescribed medication.

– Go as soon as possible to get any required tests done.

– Return to the doctor to get the test results and/or for any medication rectification.

If this is done you will leave your appointment confident knowing exactly what is happening with you and what you need to do to resolve it.

However, if after your appointment, tests, medication and diagnosis, you don’t feel sure about the treatment (because you don’t see results), go for a second opinion.

Do not be insecure or have doubts in regards to the treatment you are following because that’s only half of what you have to do to get results!

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