Assistant: Slave assistant

Luisa Teixeira

  • 30
  • Apr
  • 2015

Assistant : Slave assistant

  • 30
  • Apr
  • 2015

Today I want to share with all the assistants a little bit of my resumed story, so that you may realize something very profound and serious.

For a few years of my life, especially in my teens, I was a slave to vices. I lived imprisoned in the underworld of drugs; I injected heroin and cocaine. I had a past marked by inferiority complexes, timidity, and to escape from these feelings, I took refuge in drugs. It was many years of great slavery!

When I got to the Universal Church, I was completely free of vices. On the first day, my life took another turn. It was beautiful what God did with me … He delivered me from all the imprisonments of addiction and I became another woman. One day I will tell you my life with more details.

But where do I want to get with my testimony? Maybe you might say, your story is marvelous Luisa, however, I’ve never experienced that and what connection does it have with me since I’m already an assistant and liberated?

Calm down! I just need for you to understand this reasoning and think with me:
God delivered me from the vices and for sure you were also free from something. However, there is something that is up to us to free ourselves from, through the use of intelligent faith: FEELINGS!

There is no greater slavery than that of being a slave of feelings. I lived as a slave for six years in the drugs, but I lived many more years imprisoned by feelings of pride (resistance) and a lack of acceptance, among others, which are consequences of these because it is like a snowball. As an assistant and even as a pastor’s wife, I was imprisoned by these “curses” that make a person’s life a living hell.

Today’s article is for you to analyze well this reality, because feelings come for everyone, but if you are dominated and controlled by them, then you are a slave and are not free!

You are a slave when:

  • You need the approval of third parties;
  • You are timid;
  • You are resistant;
  • You want everything your way;
  • You serve to please others, etc.

    The list is long. Please think about it and start using your head and not your heart. When feelings come, think about how you are being enslaved and turn to God and to your goal. Isn’t your goal to please God? So go against your will and do what is right! It’s righteous when I hear the voice of God and practice it and not the voice of my self!

    I apologize for the length of today’s post, but I want to happen in your life what happened in mine.

    I would like to read your comment about what we write here.

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    6 comentários

    1. Looking at all the pastor’s wife you just assume they have it easy. I wouldn’t have imagined these women have had more problems too. I too have gone through hell and just thought it was just me.

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    2. To be lead by your emotions shows that your relationship with God is still not fixed as it should be because if it was a person would be lead by faith not emotions this is what i believe as i was in the state of being controlled by emotions an i hardly heard the voice of reason i was burdened until i seeked for an intimate relationship with God.
      Now am living in faith nolonger lead by emotions…
      Thanks for the blog sis vivi

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    3. YES,i agree with you Mrs Luisa,i was also captive of my feelings for quite some time while in the presence of God,because of my troubled past i feared the same thing would happen to my daughter,i became insecure,overprotective and would not allow my daughter to go to church when i am not there.i overcame when i sought refuge in God,when i satrted using my head and not my heart to think.i totally surrendered her life in the hands of God,and i realise now that i spent many years worrying about somehting i have no control on.i am happy that God is in control now and am grateful of the young woman my daughter has becaome throuhg the guidance of God.

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    4. I am an assistant who is troubled in my marriage my husband call me names and he does not come to church with me and i am tired of the situation

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    5. I agree Mrs Luisa especially about serving to please others and needing
      their approval.something I’ve been watching is that everything I do must be for God.Even if people dont understand me or are constantly correcting me
      I shouldn’t be timid or proud about it ,I should be humble but I need to strive to please God only,even if it means displeasing people

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    6. Wow Mrs Luisa, this is very strong. I have been held bondage of my emotions for so long and my life has been a result of it. Thank you for sharring your experience, it has really helped me see how selfish I have been because I always put my will first rather than Gods will. I am grateful for this post…

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