Faith that multiplies to much more

Viviane Freitas

  • 15
  • May
  • 2015

Faith that multiplies to much more

  • 15
  • May
  • 2015

Hello to all cybernauts, it’s always a pleasure to be here with you and talking about faith.

Every Friday, there is a commitment in this blog: to give opportunity for you to hear the audio, my voice, and receive the Spirit that is within me. Absorb, accept, and believe that it can happen to you as it happened to me.

And today you can follow me on Hebrews 11:12:

“And so from this one man, and he as good as dead, came descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as countless as the sand on the seashore.”

Cybernaut friend, this is my faith!

My faith is not only to solve the problems when I am confronting them. My faith is not so because it doesn’t only accept what I’m seeing, experiencing, but also what I do not see at that moment. Which is your case, for example!

Through this blog, I reach out to you, the many nations, with the opportunity to pass what God has done and is in evidence in my life.

And this faith does not conform to one or 10 or 100 comments. My faith still wants more; it wants to reach a nation. And that is what I expect! You, cybernaut friend, have a faith that is not only for the visual, with immediacy of now, today, or centered on the family or work… but that a faith to reach out to other places, to other nations, that is, to others who are involved in work, family, church, …

You may ask yourself: “How Viviane? How will my faith will reach everyone? Viviane, you have your blog and I have don’t have those means of sharing my faith …?!”

I tell you that your faith allows you to get to where you never imagined! It’s just having a dream, the dream of God; to be useful in the Work of God, to generate, and raise children for God.

Last week we referenced a faith that produces, one that allows the person to receive the power to be a “mother” and not a mother of a son who carries your last name or to give a name you chose, but to able to generate children for God. ..

This “numerous posterity” would not come from only one child, from Isaac, … but from the numerous prosperity of which I make part of!

Yes! Through Abraham and Sarah, their faith meant that I also have the same, and even today in all Universal churches which continue with this same faith, the faith of Abraham.

And so you should also take this and provide other nations with, in other words, the “posterity” that isn’t meant just for you! Don’t be the only person in your family, or in your work, or in your church where something extraordinary is happening. What was started and has grown within you, go and pass this to other people, to your wife, or the helper at your church.

You want to have a goal?

Go to church and tell the good news to those who are desperate; go and speak of what God has done in your life, the secrets of your faith. And always keep this goal wherever you are. This is how your faith will multiply; it will be a numerous posterity, as numerous as the stars in the sky and innumerable as the sand on the seashore.

That’s what, my cybernaut friend, you must want because that’s how your faith has to be, not a weak faith that is just for today, for now.

You must have this living faith that goes beyond; that is contagious to everyone around you and to wherever you will take this newness of life.

Leave your comment here …

A big hug and until next week!

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  1. Thanks so much Mrs Vivien , the message is clear God choose us so that we may be a tools in his hands to spead the Gospel .

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