Day 20- Faith and the belief that He exists

Viviane Freitas

  • 17
  • Feb
  • 2015

Day 20- Faith and the belief that He exists

  • 17
  • Feb
  • 2015

Hello to all the cybernauts, it’s a pleasure to be here with you and to know about the experiences that you’ve had during the Fast and also with the audios that you’ve listened to.

It’s gratifying knowing that one word that we receive, a care we get, transforms our lives. That happens when there is life in those who preach. If there weren’t life, a practical testimony, than what I would pass on to you would be information. And just like you have given testimony here in the blog, God has done great things within me as He has done with you.

Those who still haven’t reached don’t stay sad…you’ll understand little by little. Continue listening to the audios, continue accessing the blogs, continue doing your part—don’t get discouraged, frustrated, don’t look back because there is nothing beneficial about doing that. You did that various times and every time you do that it’s because you’re manifesting an emotional faith and not an intelligent faith, a faith because there is a belief within you.

Today we will speak about belief, accompany me in Hebrews 11.6

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”

 So my cybernaut friend, without faith it’s impossible to please God. If you are emotional than you pray with emotions and that’s why you don’t see results. I’ve already noticed that many years ago when I was going through an enormous difficulty, I cried a lot, a lot…and I remember my father saying, “Stop crying, stop crying!!!” I couldn’t stop crying, it was incredible! It was a pain within my soul and that was many years ago. And what happened? I noticed that on that day my prayer was in an emotional way and I didn’t have the strength to believe, I didn’t have disposition, I didn’t have courage at that moment…I was devastated because I didn’t see any solution. And when my father yelled “Stop it,” because he was not present since he was on the telephone… I understood at that moment that I really had to stop because that wasn’t helping me…. So, what happened? I realized that at that moment and obviously, since then, I began to be attentive to the type of prayer that I would do. There couldn’t be that inconsolable crying.

When that exist it’s because there isn’t that faith, there is no way to please God like that. Faith makes you get close to God…you see, it says that: “for he who comes to God must believe that He is…” If you get close to God, doubting, then you will not reach any benefit—you have to believe. You have to throw out your doubts, stop looking at the circumstances and believe that He exists and that you are going take possession of that which you are looking for—peace, certainty, conviction, assurance, answer.

God isn’t pleased when you manifest an emotional faith. Because it confuses you—it brings confusion…why? Because you are asking God, you are talking to Him, only that you are feeling down, sad, without strength, discredited, you are asking but it seems that you are doing it because of a religion and not because you are believing. So you have to throw that doubt, that disbelief out and begin to have that belief in God. Well…if He exists than I’m going to do my prayer and I’m going to speak what’s inside of me, I’m not going to speak something that doesn’t’ exist…I’m going to say, “Look God, it’s hard to take this pain out from within me, but I believe that the Lord can do it and that’s why I’m talking to You now.” I’m not talking to Him with pity, and there is another secret my cybernaut friend!

The secret is for you not to have pity of yourself, you can’t stay feeling like the victim in the story. Every time you feel like the victim, it’s the secret of you always living in emotions…if you want to continue with emotions than make yourself out to be the victim. But if you want to take out the emotion from your life than hate that feeling of being the victim. And hate that injustice because that doesn’t take you any place; so seek God with that certainty, with that belief.

When we believe, we talk and have conviction…we don’t remain doubting, scared, fearful…mature in your faith! The devil is with fear of you discovering the strength, of the live faith in God. So take advantage of your opportunity, don’t let the problems manipulate the way in which you act, making you to be a bad testimony for God, for the people, for yourself. Change your story by making use of the intelligent faith that uses rationality, which makes you observe yourself, makes you observe how you are living at that moment…and change.

Make a prayer with determination—stop praying like a victim. Because you might have already noticed that when you pray crying, sobbing, and come out feeling sad it’s because you acted on an emotional faith. So be attentive, alert, because the emotions are part of the human nature, but the intelligent faith is part of the belief in God—of the certainty that God exists. There is no doubt; there is no fear…ok my cybernaut friend!

Observe your attitudes and use the faith that you have within. Are you living an impossible problem? Then you are having the privilege to exercise your faith. Because when you discover that faith and the challenges come to you, than my friend you are going to say… “That’s it…I’ll resolve this with God…I know where to begin—by depending on God…I’m going to expose to Him what’s inside of me…let’s resolve this!!” This is the intelligent faith! It doesn’t make you feel frustrated, with agony, sad, looking back, at the times you’ve tried, to the things you’ve said, and did. You did everything in a wrongly manner in the past! How? With an emotional faith, because the intelligent faith resolves, defines your life, and brings peace, certainty, conviction of that which you want to reach.

Ok my cybernaut friend…

A big hug and tomorrow we will back with the last day of the Fast…
But for you who haven’t reached the baptism with the Holy Spirit don’t stay sad… look ahead! In the intelligent faith, there doesn’t exist a limit, there’s no such thing, as until February 18th… you know what does exists? The intelligent faith! Through it, there exist the conquest—you will conquer!! You are going to take the reigns of your life and resolve that which was not resolved because maybe you didn’t resolve yet…because you didn’t understand, you didn’t see yourself. How many times I didn’t resolve the issue because I didn’t understand, I couldn’t see? Now you understand, so look ahead! That’s an intelligent faith…ok my friend

A big hug and until tomorrow.

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  1. This is what I had to hear!
    Paldies Dievam!

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  2. Amen Dona,
    Thank you. Its is true that there is no end date to faith and we always have to look forward. I have to work on not making emotional prayers. I actually started making a rational one yesterday. Thank God for the improvement in me. I had been blessed following your post. God bless you more and more!

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