Day 21- Faith Fears

Viviane Freitas

  • 18
  • Feb
  • 2015

Day 21- Faith Fears

  • 18
  • Feb
  • 2015

Hello to all the cybernauts, we’ve arrived at the 21st Day of the Fast!

And for you who has not yet reached the Holy Spirit, do not look back, do not look at the 21 days that have passed, look at today and ahead of you, look at what you didn’t do, to start doing it—not to condemn yourself, because you can not be the second devil that condemns you, allowing the devil to condemn you, accusing you of the past.

Look ahead, use your faith, because by attitudes you present faith or not…and you know that yesterday we talked about faith, that without faith it is impossible to please God.
You who want to please God, who want to be baptized in the Holy Spirit…if you let the circumstances dominate you, then you are displeasing God and consequently you will never reach the baptism in the Holy Spirit—never, as long as you manifest disbelief; but from the moment you start using an intelligent faith, then yes, you change your history.
Well my cybernaut friend, today we’ll talk about something that is the beginning of everything, faith—it’s very important what we are going to talk about today.

“By faith Noah, being divinely warned of things not yet seen, moved with godly fear, prepared an ark for the saving of his household, by which he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness which is according to faith.” (Hebrews 11: 7).

Observe my cybernaut friend that we have so much to talk about here—faith doesn’t limit itself to something it sees. For example, when God told Noah to build the Ark…at the same time he was speaking of salvation to the people; however, the people doubted, they didn’t even see a cloud, nothing that really testified that something would happen, but observe that Noah feared God, and this is something that stands out and that you have to pay attention in your attitudes, in who you are being.
Notice that in the verse it says:
“… Being divinely (God) warned of things not yet seen…”
My cybernaut friend, observe that there are many things that we speak that are unseen, indeed—faith is unseen. The things that will happen, that Jesus will return for His church, that there will be catastrophes after the Church is raptured; you’re not seeing any of this, you never saw Jesus, you never saw the Holy Spirit, you have never seen God Himself but you have seen the manifestation of miracles, you’ve seen them clearly, life changes…but seeing what will happen, you do not see, unless when you believe. When you believe, you do not need to see; furthermore, when you believe—you fear, which is a key point in faith. Fear is a deep respect.
When I was at my parents’ house, while still being single, I had my choice of knowing Jesus or not. I saw who Jesus was in the way they conducted themselves, both my father and my mother, in their testimony. And I also saw the testimony, the bad testimony from those in society, at that time at school…and I had a reference of what was a home built over a solid base. So even though I didn’t see God, I received the words of my father and my mother, and they spoke of God. They put fear within me; although I did not know Jesus, I had great fear towards what they talked about with me- my mother and my father.
When my father or my mother spoke to me, especially when she sat down and looked at me…she spoke directly to me, or when she was driving and would make me think about what I was doing with my life…she would bring this fear in my heart. I had this fear to the point, my cybernaut friend, that I still was not of Jesus…I went to church and apparently I did everything well; I didn’t curse, I went to church, I didn’t lie, but I carried desires within me that were contrary to the will of God. I was anxious to go to the world, not to go and make destruction in my life, because I didn’t even have an idea of what the world had for me, but I wanted to have friends … because I lived my life from home to the church, from church to the house and to school.
I wanted to have a social life, fun in my life, but I held back this need of mine because of my parents’ words—they had an echo, they had truth, they carried weight… this is fear. Although I didn’t fear God, but I feared what my parents would tell me, and this my cybernaut friend, this is practically the same thing when you fear God. It was simple, when I became interested in the things of God, I could understand this fear because I had this at home with my parents.
So this part of the fear is the first sign when you are baptized with the Holy Spirit… the first sign is that you have fear. You do not see yourself perfect, no! You want to please God, you want to serve Him in a glorious way, even if you do not you see the acts that are still going to happen, but you fear. You know that He can come at any moment…He can come right now! Isn’t that so?
Therefore, observe that even without seeing it, he feared God…he prepared an ark for salvation.
This is what you do when you fear God; you build your life on the rock, you prepare your arc, your life, to be saved…you are always aware of yourself. This is faith! Faith does this!.
“… By which he condemned the world…” Imagine yourself my cybernaut friend, when you fear God, you give priority to the will of God, to His Word, you go against sin, and obviously you condemn errors, since the world is living its’ own will.
And you become an enemy person; that is why Jesus says you cannot be a friend of the world and a friend of God; or you’re a friend of God or are a friend of the world.
If you still have this interest in the things of the world, that’s a sign that you are not prioritizing God, but you’re prioritizing yourself, and that’s a huge obstacle, that you yourself have put, it’s not the devil…it’s you!
When you want to change your life, you make a full stop, and you say, “No, I do not want this” even if you feel like it, but you say, “I will not!” And you ask God for help! “I want God to remove this from me! I have desires, but I refuse to continue with these desires ” and that’s exactly what I did.
When I was surrendering myself to God, I had a passion for a boy at school and I told myself “I refuse, I don’t even want to dream about it, I cannot dream about him” because I always dreamed about him, it was that platonic love…just seeing him and without him even knowing it. So I said, “God I can’t stand to even dream about this” – you know that you’re not in control of your dreams, but I went against the uncontrolled dreams and asked God – “God I don’t want to dream, I don’t want to, I don’t want to nourish anything, anything! I don’t want anything with that guy, nothing! “- I never talked to him but I nourished that feeling…I liked him so when I wanted a change, I began to hate what I nourished before. And that is what you have to do my cybernaut friend, if you like what is wrong then, how will you receive the Holy Spirit this way? You can’t!
What you have to do is attack your own will, this will do you some good, and you’ll see… a weight will come off of you.
You think that your will is good for you, but it doesn’t bring you anything good! No! What it brings you is a burden. Look at how you’ve lived your life! Look at how it weighs you down! Just look at your life and see how it’s a burden! It is exactly because your will has prevailed over your life.
When you fear God, you prepare an ark for your salvation; that is, you keep your life so it can be saved and you condemn everything that is bad, everything that brings you closer to the unjust things—sin, the world…you begin to be against anything that separates you from God.
And the Bible says:
“… By the which he condemned the world and became heir…”
So that means that he was not heir, Noah was not heir! But he began to be heir from the time when he obeyed. When you obey my friend, you fear God; you prioritize God, and you become heir—heir of the righteousness that comes from faith.
That is, you are not seeing but you obey because you believe.
I hope you have understood my cybernaut friend, because the secret of faith is exactly to have fear—it’s to hate everything that is contrary to God and to turn away from the things that are not of God.
Ok my cybernaut friend?
Use your faith! It’s there, do not let your feelings dominate your life…no!
And use your reasoning. You will see, you will see and you will testify here on the blog…you’ll tell me, and you know what? I’ll tell you something…how many people have written here on the blog, who say they love me and they have never seen me… that it seems like I’m sitting in front of her, talking to her? You know what you’re going to do my cybernaut friend? You’re going to start being loved by people, because you’ll have life to give, that’s what happens to me. I have life because I went against my will that really weighed me down.

You’ll see how it’s a relief when you offer, when you sacrifice to God, it’s the best! A weight is taken off of you!

And you will rejoice…you’ll love Him a lot and also whoever instructed you, who accompanied you, as in your case that you’ve been listening to the audios here on the blog. And there are many people, who have been by your side and haven’t taught you, or you haven’t given them the opportunity to teach you, and here on the blog you have achieved that. And that’s why you love me, and you have a special affection for me; but it is not because I have something supreme, but because Jesus made me value myself, and when I value myself as a person…I am very loved because I give life. This is exactly what will happen to you.
Okay my friend?
A big hug for you, and continue accessing the blog. We’ll be posting the audios once a week, okay? It’s not going to be three times a week. And as I go, I’ll increase it, but for now it will be once a week because this year there is much happening and I’m getting used to the new responsibilities.
A big hug for you and we will see each other here on the blog.

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6 comentários

  1. Thank you for this post. It is a pleasure to be part of this 21 days that will change many life’s including mine. Something you wrote is very strong and spoke with me directly: Look ahead, use your faith, because by attitudes you present faith or not.

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  2. Thanks Ms. Vivi you made me open my eyes as I read this blog my eyes were opening and I was replaying everything in my mind its just what is happening to me in this moment the very exact thing. Now I know what to let go of in order to recieve the holy spirit it was something I was blinding my own self from seeing all along. Something I would ask God to show me all along but I wasn’t accepting it myself.

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  3. Thank you for this message, Mrs. Freitas.
    Everything you’ve written here helped me a lot. That was what I really needed to read.
    I want to sacrifice to God, I want to reach the Holy Spirit and I know I’ll become an enemy of the world, but I’m pretty much ready for that. I want to live for God, He’s the only reason I’m still alive.
    Thank you! God bless you

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  4. Amen Mrs. Thank you. Your post is a blessing. May God use you more and more.

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  5. Thank you so much Mrs Freitas. I will forever treasure these lessons that have taught me great lessons. I’m rewened and revived through them. I have no words to express . I have a joy and peace that fills my inner being. Thank you so much.

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  6. Thank you Mrs Viviane for this message, I finally have clarity on the dept I need to have the fear of the Holy Spirit. I realise that it is the littlest of things that matter before the eyes of God, because He is that Holy.

    Thank you so very much for this message.

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