Day 19 – Faith testifies to God

Barbara Filipe

  • 17
  • Feb
  • 2015

Day 19 – Faith testifies to God

  • 17
  • Feb
  • 2015

Hello to all the cybernaut users, it’s a pleasure to be here accompanying you in these 18 days.

Today is the 19th day of our fast and we’ll continue to talk about faith, pursuing this matter of “faith.” Why? Because it is through faith, that you receive the Holy Spirit. Today, faith reveals to you that it testifies to God.

You can accompany in Hebrews 11.5

“By faith Enoch was taken from this life, so that he did not experience death: “He could not be found, because God had taken him away.” For before he was taken, he was commended as one who pleased God.”

You see my cybernaut friend…faith is what pleases God. When you have an emotional faith, you appeal for something that is unjust. There are things that people think that it’s an injustice by God’s part or life. When in reality, what is unfair is justly not using that faith towards your own good. When you do not use faith towards your own good you get frustrated, blame everyone and everything for your failures. And here, you can see a man who caught God’s attention because he obtained testimony of pleasing God.
Can you imagine that? —You giving testimony to God. Faith gives us the right to do what we can’t even imagine. I’ve noticed that sometimes my emotions made me feel like I was going through an injustice, not by God, but sometimes by another person, because she did not understand or because she was not giving back that which I was giving to her.

And God made it very clear to me that day, that day that I told him: “God, I’m feeling, I’m very sad with this situation. But I ask you Lord to give me direction, how do I proceed from here on out? How should I speak with this person?” And as incredible as it may seem my cybernaut friend, He made me understand what was unjust. Unjust were all those feelings that were surfacing within me; when you allow your feelings to grow inside you and you give yourself to them, than, you don’t obtain testimony, you don’t please God, you end up doing what is unjust for God…and this cannot happen!
You have to overcome in your life, you have to obtain testimony. Because I’m not asking from you, my cybernaut friend, nothing more than what you can offer to God… nothing else! You can, you should, use the faith that is within you. It’s enough for you to think…whenever you feel something, the first thing is to talk to God, talk to God! “Look God, today I’m feeling like this, but I know that that is not something from you, it’s not of your will because I do not have peace, my heart is jumping, but I want the Lord to direct my life… ” And when you take that attitude, when you do this prayer…do not rush to defend yourself, your feelings, but be attentive to the voice of God—He will speak to you, He will guide you!

Isn’t that correct my cybernaut friend?
So, be a testimony to God; moreover, in all your ways…He is watching you, the devil is watching you, and people around you are also watching you. And you’re testifying, I don’t know if it’s a good testimony or a bad testimony…that depends in the way in which you want to ally yourself. If you want to ally with God than you will not allow your feelings to manipulate you, give orders to them. Evaluate, think, pray and talk to God, and expose everything you’re feeling. By being defined, you will not go by what you feel, but you will go by what you believe, and that’s the way you should continue, ok my cybernaut friend?
It makes me happy, because there are people in this process, in these days, in these 18 days that have passed, that have had a different life with God. Why? Because the word of God cuts, it defines; and every time that you are defined, you can be sure my friend that the Holy Spirit is upon you, the Holy Spirit is in you!
It depends on your perseverance…if you’re inconstant, sometimes you’re up and sometimes down, then certainly that’s not the Holy Spirit, that’s an emotional faith! But if you’re constant in what you have determined, then you will go to the end and reach that which you so much believe.
Ok my cybernaut friend…
A big hug and we’ll be back tomorrow.

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2 comentários

  1. Amen Mrs.,
    I learned something new today. When I see something wrong with me, God is molding me.

    Thank you Mrs. God bless you more and more!

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  2. Ever since we’ve been meditating about faith, i can better understand that we need to make no room for our emotions because the hinder us, intelligent faith puts us at the right place with God – makes us have a good testimony before God and everyone else. It’s not superficial, but we need to define who and where we stand and we can do that speaking to God and making the right decisions too.
    This meditation about faith is also very appealing to me because i also need to overcome my feelings and use intelligent faith
    Thank you Mrs Vivi

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