Day 18- Faith Offers the Excellent

Viviane Freitas

  • 16
  • Feb
  • 2015

Day 18- Faith Offers the Excellent

  • 16
  • Feb
  • 2015

Hello to all the cybernauts, it is a pleasure to be here with you. Today is Sunday, I’m sure you attended the meeting in the morning with a spirit of wanting to hear God’s voice…maybe you were baptized today with the Holy Spirit or maybe not. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay with your head down, you have to be attentive to yourself and discover the motive of why it hasn’t happened.

The intelligent faith doesn’t look to the feelings, but it looks to that which you didn’t do, it learns, and changes your attitudes. Today we will continue with faith, which makes you offer the excellent. You can accompany Hebrews 11.4

“By faith Abel offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, through which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts; and through it he being dead still speaks.”

Cybernaut, it’s very important for you to pay attention to your attitudes, each one of them. Abel offered a more excellent offering than Cain. That can happen between you and other people that have offered sacrifices to God. But what does God see? It is not the amount, because that would be unjust since each one has a different economic condition. Only that, when Abel offered his sacrifice to God, he proposed within himself to give his best to God—he had consideration towards God. It was not because of an obligation but because it was part of him and not of Cain. Cain did it anyway, and that also defines the person.

If you offer God the most excellent, your best, not only financially but daily with your decisions; that is, you make it part of you to correct yourself. You’re not perfect and I’m not trying to make you a robot, but you must be attentive to yourself and correct yourself, resolve what needs to be resolved, and learn. You don’t have to feel humiliated for the errors that you committed; you have to see it as an opportunity in which now you can change that situation.

Intelligent faith looks to that which you wish to obtain, not to what you stopped from obtaining— because if you look at that, you will remain frustrated, sad, with agony. But when you look at what you want to reach, than you work in your imperfections in the way in which you correct them. And you can see that Abel offered a more excellent sacrifice that Cain, and God looks between you and other people. It doesn’t mean that He is comparing. He is seeing the consideration—the quality in what is being offered to Him. Because Abel offered to God a more excellent sacrifice, he obtained testimony of being just. Why? When we obtain it, it doesn’t mean that is something that is part of you, but it became part of you—the testimony of being just.

He didn’t listen to his feelings or let his necessities predominate him, but he made it so that God could be honored through what he was presenting. After offering this excellent sacrifice, the Bible says God approved him.

It’s interesting my cybernaut friend, me, you, and everyone that offers something to God, sacrifices or offerings, are either approved or not. Have you ever thought about that? Everything that you do, that you are, God either approves it or not. Imagine giving a present to someone and that person saying that she didn’t like your present…and you feel offended, because you knew you gave it voluntarily. The person that received it says “but it’s not your best”…imagine hearing that. Wouldn’t that hurt you? “Yes, Viviane it would hurt me.” Well God does that. And to those who are sentimental it seems like something absurd.

When you offer something that’s not your best, God does not approve it. “But how doesn’t He approve it? You, you think that God and everyone else must accept whichever way you give things, just simply giving means everything to you and no…that’s not how it is. You can give the best, the worst, something that doesn’t mean anything to you, or to humiliate the other person…you can give what you want to—but it depends how you give it. So when you give with quality, than you have testimony of being just. Because you disciplined yourself—you wanted something righteous for God. And you received the approval of God in regards to your offerings, like Abel did.

“Why does sometimes God doesn’t accept it?” Because He wants you to understand, that love is not a feeling, is not clingy…love does good, it teaches, it corrects, it exhorts. And if He accepts anything from your hands…what will happen? You’re never going to be corrected, you’re not going to be better, you’re always going to be selfish and never stop being so. The offering, the sacrifice that we offer God is much more than money. It’s about your character, your person—what you choose to be.

In this verse it says, “through it he being dead still speaks.” You see my cybernaut friend…imagine you coming across a person once in your lifetime but your behavior was disapproved, you acted in a wrongly manner and you never went to makeup with that person…you never changed your attitude in regards to that person, you ignored that error and you let it go; that is, when you die that is something that will be pending. That doesn’t mean you have to seek everyone since your childhood, no!

I’m talking about your life with God, now that you are conscience. From now on, you have to learn from your errors, learn to offer most excellent sacrifices and offerings to God. Because even after your death you will speak with your family members, with coworkers, with the persons that surrounded you…you will speak even after dying because of your life—of that which you chose to present to God. It’s important! Sacrifices and offerings are not just something that goes inside an envelope…it’s all your life, it’s what you chose to be, the decisions you make.

So cybernaut friend, learn now to look ahead, correct where you have committed an error, offer the most excellent to God; because there are things that no one sees, no one can point out the error—it is you that has to learn how to give the most excellent, to take out that which doesn’t convene you having.

And taking the opportunity, I want to speak to you about something from last week. I spoke about you being just, by going and speaking to those who are responsible for you in relation to where you have committed an error, for you to go and reveal it…do you remember? Many people left a comment “how am I going to do that…etc., etc.?” each one with a different case. What you have to do is look for your pastor because he has the spiritual condition in order for you to confess what you are ashamed of confessing. The fact of you confessing is just for you to overcome pride and resolve the pride that is hidden…is just for that! Because the person who is going to hear you confess or receive your forgiveness, they are not going to gain anything in their lives from it—but you are.

Ok my cybernaut friend. Offer the most excellent for God!

Learn to be attentive all the days of your life…if you are attentive to yourself, you surely will be correcting yourself in this journey of faith.

A big hug to you…and until tomorrow.

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3 comentários

  1. Day 18- Faith Offers the Excellent

    Hello Mrs.,

    I completely agree with what you said here. Just the other day God made me realize the quality of offering that we give and what it means to the person receiving it. I must say, when I learned that, I didn’t know the importance of giving an offering. It represents what the person means to you. If we give ordinary gift, the person to us is just ordinary. With God it must always be special because He deserves the best.

    Thank you Mrs. God bless!

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  2. Thank u Mrs Viv.
    It’s true that sometimes we’re unable to understand certain things and that’s because those certain things can only be understood by faith, when we perservere, and i look forward to understand the plans that God has for my life.
    However, i also look forward to reading more from your diary and learning to be independent on my faith in God
    Thank you once again

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  3. Hello Mrs.,

    Amen! Thank you for this post. I am looking forward to your diary, God bless!

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