Day 10 – Don’t complain!

Viviane Freitas

  • 9
  • Feb
  • 2015

Day 10 – Don’t complain!

  • 9
  • Feb
  • 2015

Hello to all the cybernauts, it’s a pleasure to accompany you here during the Fast of Daniel, which is for 21 days, and we are on the 10th day and today’s topic is “Don’t complain!”

You can see that we, human beings, when things are not in our favor, we tend to complain.
It means that when we complain we are looking at our own will…how is it so? “But, if things are not going well, it’s not of God what I’m going through… ”
True; but when I was going through stress and I was overwhelmed with that situation…I murmured, I imagined that God was going to do magic, excuse that saying, not a miracle. Because if I were expecting a miracle, I would’ve used my faith… but I was doing everything that was in my power in the sense of doing it the way it was being oriented by the doctor, and not by the act of faith. When I called my dad and told him that I could no longer stand that situation…I was panicky, because you can only stand things to a certain limit, just for some time; and because it’s not faith, it is an emotional faith in which you just you wait for things to happen then you reach your limit—and I reached my limit. And he said it clearly, loud and clear, I remember as if it were today, he told me “Daughter, stop murmuring! Stop it!”
And that’s what I had to do then…and I say to you cybernaut, you who are going through extremely difficult times in this Fast—you’re seeing people conquer and you’re staying behind, you are seeing the difficulties you are facing in the family, with your husband, with people with whom you deal at work, or at school, and you think that God has to do magic, and stop those difficult times!…but before continuing to speak about this situation, I want to read to you James 1. 2-4:

“My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, (temptations)

knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience (perseverance).

But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”

And to continue with what I was talking about my life…I even believed that God would do a miracle, only that I was not manifesting my faith and consequently my actions, my way of speaking, proved that.
So when my father told me that I had to stop complaining, I had to use the faith.
When you say: “Stop complaining, muttering” it means to stop acting according to the circumstances.
And when it says that we have to have joy when we pass by trials, it’s not that we are going to be laughing, smiling to everyone, that’s not it! The joy is because there is a certainty within you, that it doesn’t depend on others, it just depends on you manifesting the faith—that it’s no use putting the problem on others…just like I was doing by saying that I had done everything…when it’s not like that, you have not done everything, you are complaining and haven’t done everything.
When you go through the trials, what happens with you? You persevere, and through your perseverance, you discover that faith can’t be just for a moment! …”I said this and that, and that’s it!” In persevering there must be a support of that faith, then I have to be exercising my faith. Whenever I felt something, I said, “No! I will not murmur.” I considered those words…I saw how God had spoken to me, I just didn’t hear my father—I saw it as if God had spoken to me, and I grabbed that opportunity and you can grab your opportunity!
Are you going through difficult times? It’s now when you have the opportunity! How Viviane? You have the opportunity to manifest your faith…look at what happened in my life. Doesn’t it amaze you? You are amazed because difficult things to deal with happened; however, when there is perseverance, when I retain the word of God, keeping it inside my mind, and not the circumstances, not the traumas, not the family, not the husband who doesn’t want to participate, I am determine— determined!
When you have this faith, you persevere. You can remember situations in your life in which you persevered, because you had a belief—you had faith in that!
For example in your studies, or a personal dream of yours…for example, you wanted to be a soccer player, you trained with pleasure for that, that is…although you passed through difficult times, as an injured knee, ankle, foot …even so, you continued to persevere because you believed and you liked it.
It’s the same with us…what do you have to do? To stop complaining you have to understand that you have faith inside of you, and you have to like challenges, so that you can grow in your faith.
That is why it says: “… let patience (perseverance) have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”
You see…pay attention…that means that you can have a deficient faith (lacking). You can be baptized with the Holy Spirit or not, and be deficient, why? Because you don’t persevere to the end, you live complaining, looking at the circumstances.
Look ahead because God is with you, okay?
A big hug, and I hope to see your comment here.
Hey, I want to see people that haven’t comment yet.
You who have shame to expose your problem, start using your faith, stop complaining about your inferiority, or your shame…act based on what you believe, and put it on paper, write it here in the Blog—you have to overcome that which you fear so much.
A big hug, and tomorrow we will be back.

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10 comentários

  1. Hi Mrs Vivie

    I visit your blog regularly to listen to what the Lord will pass unto me.I am a Godllywood member, an evangelist, a serious youth, and servant of God. I also desire to serve God on the altar the problem is receiving His Spirit.
    I have been trying sooo hard, but receiving the Holy Spirit seems hard to me.I evangelize and during this fast, I am in faith and in full force and fire, but there comes times whereby I break down I cry and endup depressed.
    The family problems that I face should no hold me back; I refuse that.
    My past should not be the devils hold on me.
    I have turned from my days of rebellion for more than a year now and I know why I want to receive the Holy Spirit.

    I want God to use me to save souls.I want to place my life in the hands of God. I have taken the decision and I know that if I do not receive the Spirit of God I will return to my old ways and I cant stand being without God,

    I have done the fasts before and I was blessed through alot of things except the Holy Spirit.I do talk to the pastor in charge and the pastors wife who was recently changed.I also talk to the youth leader and also my Godllywood sister but I hear them but nothing comes out its frustrating and hard.I even don’t do my duty as a member of Godllywood to help others woth their challenges well because the fact I do not have the Holy Spirit has really had a downfall,

    I pray but am tooo careful I dont want emotions making me feel like I have received the Spirit,
    This has happened before and I leter on realised my mind was playing games with me

    MRS Vivie I need help I am my worst enermy
    This fast the Holy Spirit has to come down.

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  2. Thank you mrs. Viviane! God is speaking to me directly! It’s al more clear to me what I need to do. Thanks again!

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  3. You know Mrs Viv, i read this post yesterday but i couldn’t comment because these words really peirced right through my heart. Things aren’t going very well for me right now, i’m in a very rocky situation and ever since Sunday afternoon, i have had a lot of complaints within my heart that carried on till the following day, and thenafter i only started to see the bad in everything and at some point wanted to give up on very important things in my life.
    But my complains made me more bitter and to cry a lot and besides that, it took away the moments i’m supposed to be using my faith and changing my situation around. I learnt this while reading your post and it was an eye opener. Thank you so much for your help

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