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Being righteous before God

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  • 2013

Amongst many people who say they believe—colleagues, friends, etc.—there are those who manage to draw God’s attention. Why?

Because “…they were both righteous before God…” (Luke 1:6).

And what does it mean to be righteous before God?

It is to be rational!

Note that judges in court do not handle cases with compassion, but in a rational way. They seek the source of the problem and address the matters exposed based on evidence.

The righteous are the ones who think, who do not live according to their feelings.

In the Bible, there are several examples of people who turned out to be righteous, not because of how they felt, or because of the things they lacked or feared, but because they obeyed the commandments of God.

They did not base their faith on feelings or other people’s opinions; instead, they observed and obeyed the will of God.

And this they showed not through words, as was the case of Zacharias and Elizabeth: “…walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless” (Luke 1:6).

They lived honourably before God… They did not only speak, or preach. Not only did they sacrifice, but also lived according to the commandments and precepts of God, daily… they were irreproachable.

It says, “…in all the commandments and ordinances…” This means that they were attentive to every detail, ready to discern between right and wrong.

They practised what they had learnt; they did not just gathered knowledge.

It was not about words or teachings, but life!

And that’s what he drew God’s attention…

This is what makes us righteous before Him: when we pay attention to the details, making sure we are more concerned about being than doing for Him.

Many people have the mistaken idea that God is unjust… They say, “I’ve been hard done by… So-and-so has opportunities that I don’t… Nobody cares about me at my workplace or anywhere else…” And so, they no longer have the strength to pray or live according to what God has taught… And what makes matters worse is that they do not look for the root of the problem; instead, they blame others.

If you think that you’ve been treated unfairly, then what kind of belief in God is this?

If you think God is unfair, then do not forget that those who drew His attention in the past faced all sorts of adverse circumstances—sterility, famine, persecution, shame, humiliation, and anguish—, but they never denied their faith! And that’s exactly what justified them…

The eyes of God are upon those who remain strong in the face of adversity and who are not corrupted by bad examples. They never, ever change their conduct or lose the fear. Circumstances do not affect their faith because it is protected inside of them.

Have you stood out and drawn the attention of God?

If you want justice to be done, then look at yourself first and realise what is missing. What is it that you need to do in relation to God?

Do you want to walk blamelessly in all the commandments? Then, take care of your faith. This is what characterises a person who is righteous before God: they look at themselves first and test their faith!

Mrs Vivi Freitas

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  2. We attain righteousness through Christ Jesus..

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  3. Very good insight. God bless

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  4. thanks for the points Vivian now I can also learn how to be in a righteous way

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  5. Thank Mrs Vivi Freitas.
    I want to do this challenge that I can walk blameless in God’s sight.

    Helen Carr.

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