Beauty: Rain boots

Viviane Freitas

  • 4
  • Nov
  • 2014

Beauty : Rain boots

  • 4
  • Nov
  • 2014

Hello girls.

Since we are entering the rainy season and it’s difficult to wear the shoes we like so much, because they will get all wet, how about trying a type of shoe that is very luxurious and beautiful, I’m talking about rain boots. They are no longer only used for fishing or watering the garden. LOL We are in the era where they come in different colors, stamps, and different creative designs. There are so many models and colors that it’s difficult to choose which one to get.

For those who don’t know what they are, see the pictures below and get to know another important item you must purchase and use. I already have mine; they are leopard print and short. I chose this model because I am of medium stature and if I use the very high ones they will make me appear shorter and nobody wants that…

They may have come from England, but it’s been many years since rain boots left British soil and conquered the world. Initially they were only made of rubber and used only for those heavy rainy and cold days, but they ended up definitely finding its way into fashion. Today, in addition to using them in looks of many styles, they come in new versions, both in material, such as plastic, and also patterns like polka dots, stripes, prints… Just choose your style.

• Short or chubby women: look beautiful with more elongated looks, so when you combine your rain boots use pants or tights in a similar tone.

• Tall or lean women: can combine the rain boots with different color and even use more bulky items, such as a jacket or ruffled skirt, if they want to add more volume to your silhouette.

Depending on the material they may also be used in the famous summer rains, but choose another material other than rubber.

Remember, however, that not only your silhouette or the temperature should be taken into account when wearing rain boots. “It is also important to note that in addition to how we combine the rain boots, the main thing is to respect the occasion, since they are a more heavier and informal shoes, they should not be worn in formal occasions, just on the street.

Bring on the rain, snow, and cold because we’ll be super prepared with our rain boots. If you live in countries where the summer is coming opt for the spring version of rain boots.


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