Beauty: Crossing of the Legs

Cláudia Boeno

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  • Mar
  • 2015

Beauty : Crossing of the Legs

  • 2
  • Mar
  • 2015

Hello girls! After a period of inner care, we return with our strength renewed.

Today we are going to speak of a behavior that is natural in us, and that accompanies us throughout life. When we use skirts we must be alert when crossing the legs, in order not to cause a negative impression…

Crossing your legs is a valid option to relieve the compression that the seat of the chair has on the muscle of the thigh, which hinders blood circulation. Every woman uses this resort because there is nothing more inelegant than a woman sitting with a poor posture and when crossing her legs reveals a certain vulgarity.

Although it’s not the case in the photo below, the posture is ideal for women with very thick thighs, which may find it uncomfortable crossing their legs and so they just put their knees together and position them slightly to one side.












At the time of crossing your legs, you cannot invent too much: keep your knees together and the top leg with the foot pointed downward, never leave your legs crooked.

Foto 2

And remember, whenever you perform the movement of crossing your legs, your hands should be resting on your lap. And if your dress or skirt is at the length of your knees, place your hands so that you cover the section between the legs and the skirt.


And never cross your legs like this:

FOTO 4 E 5

Kisses girls.

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  1. Olá.
    Esses detalhes nos tornam bem femininas o que é maravilhoso!

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  2. I cross my legs 24\7! I mean every where I sit.but not in this ways.I just cross my legs straightly.but sometimes I sit with parallel crossed legs last it was a nice post.thank you!

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  3. Thank you. This is very helpful xx

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