Beauty: Are you elegant?

Carina Bravo

  • 22
  • Apr
  • 2015

Beauty : Are you elegant?

  • 22
  • Apr
  • 2015

Darlings, today we will address an issue that is extremely important for all of us women. Have we been elegant women day to day, or not?

So that we may get to know ourselves better and find out if we are elegant or not, we will be learning some important tips that are going to help us to always be beautiful and elegant women.
When we think of an elegant woman we imagine a woman that always dresses well. But the truth is that elegance is something from the inside out, consisting of attitudes and behaviors that show how kind, generous, loving and polite a person is. What I am inside will also show on the outside. How about you? Are you elegant?
1st – Always be well presented; wherever you go make sure you present yourself according to the ambiance and situation, without drawing too much attention.
2nd  – Use makeup that is discreet, opt to wear makeup that gives you a healthy and natural glow. Ex.: A foundation, concealer to cover dark circles and mascara.
3rd  – Wear clothing of quality; it’s not about wearing expensive clothes, but choose pieces that have beautiful stitching even if it’s “polyester” it can look like satin, this will give your a more refined look.
4th – Find and value your own personal style; don’t try to use a style that is not yours.
5th – Don’t overdo it; do not use too many accessories, too much makeup, or different colors and styles at the same time. Elegance consists in a woman’s discretion.
6th – Always make sure you are clean and smell good.  Personal hygiene is a must, and should be in your daily routine. Make sure your hair is clean, nails are impeccable, and your skin cared for. Use mild scented perfumes, not very strong ones because they can cause discomfort for those around you.
7th – Be the kind of women you always wanted to be. Don’t be negative, say good morning, when talking to others make eye contact, always smile, love your neighbor, be a woman that is grateful for what she has, don’t complain, but instead fight to change.
Did you know that one of the main characteristics of an elegant woman is her humbleness? That’s because she knows how to deal with criticism, she accepts and acknowledges what she needs to improve.
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  1. Good thing to know and learn….thanks!

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  2. Thanks for the tips of being elegant because sometimes i dress anything for any occasion but now i will use the tips as guideline.

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  3. Thank Mrs. Viviane for this clear message.For sometimes we women get lost along the way.I agree that my beauty must start inside.And i must always fight to be a better person.

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