Audio: Faith- Obedience

Viviane Freitas

  • 30
  • Mar
  • 2015

Audio : Faith- Obedience

  • 30
  • Mar
  • 2015

Hello to all cybernauts!

We are back with the audio…We had a little break, but we return to continue the study of the faith.

Accompany me in Hebrews 11.8:

“By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance,v obeyed and went,w even though he did not know where he was going.”

See, my fellow cybernaut, Abraham when he was called, he began his journey with God, although his family was idolatrous … and he did not have any interaction with God, but when called, he obeyed immediately!

And what called my attention was the word “obedience”, because we all know that human beings have their resistance, their excuses, reasons, and fixed ideas to not obey; however, when God called Abraham, he went.

And as the verse says “by faith” … When we hear something directly from God to us, it exists! His Word does not return empty because the words mentioned by God to our ear cannot return empty; they are a divider, and a challenge too … As shown, when God called Abraham, He asked to come out of his land, the place he lived his whole life up until that point.

Note that there was obedience because he was of a certain age … So imagine yourself, already aged, and a Lady … And you know that when you have your parents already reaching an older age, they are not easily convinced and sometimes they are “stubborn”, i.e. insistent on staying. And you wonder: “Oh no, I’m here all my life! How am i about to leave my country and live in another land where I do not know anything. I do not even know where I’m going …!?!”

And that is exactly what Abraham did …! He obeyed and went to a place in which he would receive a good inheritance and left, not knowing where he was going … He was taken by the wind.

Note that when you have faith and act in faith, there is no doubt or fear, but there is certainty.
There is no worry or fear, addictions or feelings …. You do not see any kind of sentiments in Abraham’s part; for example, “Oh, my Father, my family, what will my wife do or say ; which way will do i go? … ”
Emotions always involve a concern and the question, “How will this journey go?”

Cybernaut, he had no car! Walking… he went walking!! He simply obeyed.

And that’s what we have to see when the unexpected comes into our life.

As you can see, because of the unexpected, I did not give continuity to the audio that was being posted on by blog weekly . Because of the”wind”?! It is not a question of irresponsibility, but it is the work of God. And in this we are in the service of God and not in the service of our own life,it is not in our control. And I believe that God allows things like this to happen. Nothing is by chance! Even when we become more self aware in this period of silence.

When you are not around people who speak of faith, how have you reacted? Have you been obedient? Have you been guarding yourself? Have you been broken and solely in the dependency of God?

This is the question I ask you. You don’t have to have an immediate answer, because those who have an emotional faith are quick to answer: ”No! It’s all right, I’m in the faith and I will succeed…”. When in reality, they do not observe their life and don’t compare it with the Word of God. They compare their lives with others’. But that is not faith, on the contrary, it is fear and a concern to be approved by others. That was not the attitude that Abraham had when he obeyed the Word of God.

So cybernaut friend, learn from what has I have lived and watch your life; practice and be an obedient person.
Because when there is obedience, there is a fulfillment, a connection, a “compliance” of the Word of God.

I am going to give you a moment so that you can reflect on what was spoken on the subject of today.

Leave your comments here, not with an emotional faith, but express something real about what has been happening with you and after talking with God, share what He will do.

I’ll read your comment with much care and dedication.

Until next Friday and invite all your family and friends to assist you. Share this!

A big hug!

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