From Children to Parents: The world upside down…

Viviane Freitas

  • 30
  • Mar
  • 2015

From Children to Parents : The world upside down…

  • 30
  • Mar
  • 2015

A new form of violence has emerged in the current society: children who attack indiscriminately their own parents.

And for those who think that this takes place in underdeveloped countries, stop deceiving yourself! It is in the “first world” that the most blatant cases happen.

In an article published by R7 portal, it can be proven:

“According to a recent study done by the European Union, it is estimated that in the United States and Spain – two countries observed by the survey – 10% of households suffer from this type of aggression, which does not differentiate between socioeconomic status and much less the model family. The main aggressors, however, tend to be young people and the victims, the mothers. The psychologist Esther Roperti commented that there are no standards of families for this type of occurrence.
– (Many) think that it happens in dysfunctional families with economic problems, but it is not so. There is plenty of variety and it (happens) in many (families) that have a more comfortable position.”

Strange? Bizarre? Inconceivable? It is far beyond that … it is part of the End of Times!

“Brother will hand over brother to death, and the father his child; children will rise up against parents and have them put to death.” (Mt.10: 21)

Our generation has seen and participated of important events, even more than our parents and grandparents, but what we must realize is that what we see is no longer mere disrespect or disobedience. It is an extreme evilness that surpasses any other barriers … such barriers that as a human, by himself, would not have the capacity to carry on. There is clearly an influence of evil forces, which suggest and enhance such behavior. So if you, father and mother, refuse to believe that this world is evil and you do not battle spiritually against these “forces”, then you will not have answers to the many unwarranted actions, often by your own children.

The Help Centre promotes on Friday a meeting of Spiritual Cleansing, which works as a treatment to eradicate all that has been negatively influencing the inner self, as well as that of our family. When we have tried everything – humanly speaking – as psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical treatments and all kinds of conventional or not therapies, and we did not get concrete answers, the solution lies in battling, in spirit, against all that has plagued you and that you can not see!

An excellent education is fundamental; taking close care of children is essential; observing and monitoring their friends too, but do not forget the most important: Teaching and guiding your children with the Light of God’s Word, so that they can be protected and guided in the course of their lives.

“Train the young in the way they should go; even when old, they will not swerve from it.” (Pv.22: 6)

If your greatest legacy to them is the Word of God, you can be sure that they will not lack anything.

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