Attitude of the Believer

Viviane Freitas

  • 12
  • Dec
  • 2014

Attitude of the Believer

  • 12
  • Dec
  • 2014

Hello, it’s a pleasure to be here and I am sure that it’s also a pleasure for you to be with us.

Why? Because the Holy Spirit is among us!
My cybernaut friend, I can’t come here and tell you or ask of you for something that does not exist or happens inside of me. The same demanding faith that you feel is the same one that I have towards me.
Those who serve on the altar cannot live by words and by preaching only, but their own life has to be an offering, a live sacrifice, constantly on the Altar of God. If it’s not so than they become a believer… they just speak about the Word of God, do the right things and there is no difference, nothing new and revolutionary in their own life because they have acted in a religious way. And I do not accept to have that kind of faith, of a religious believer. That’s why I’m always active and vigilant, with tears I seek to exercise my faith, because I cannot stop in time.
The testimonies that I have transmitted to you have passed! What I have to do is live in the “now”, live the present faith, for what has passed is past.
Today we will talk about the believer’s attitude, because many are in the campaign, are being vigilant, are sacrificing, but after the campaign they just can’t put an end to this!
If you are really sacrificing, your sacrifice continues with what you have learned in the course of it. You need to be careful and not go back to the practices and mistakes committed back then. Do not relax in your faith!
Pay close attention to the believer’s attitude:

“And Ahab had called Obadiah, who was in charge of his house. (Now Obadiah feared the Lord greatly. For so it was, while Jezebel massacred the prophets of the Lord, that Obadiah had taken one hundred prophets and hidden them, fifty to a cave, and had fed them with bread and water.) And Ahab had said to Obadiah, “Go into the land to all the springs of water and to all the brooks; perhaps we may find grass to keep the horses and mules alive, so that we will not have to kill any livestock.”  So they divided the land between them to explore it; Ahab went one way by himself, and Obadiah went another way by himself. “(I Kings 18: 3-6).

Obadiah was King Ahab’s butler. In this episode, Obadiah went alone; God did not go with him.
When you do not act out your faith, you are alone! You may have fear towards God, do charity, just like in Obadiah’s case who hid 100 prophets so that Jezebel would not kill them … He did what was right and feared God.
But it is not enough to fear, to give tithes and offerings, not lie or steal, because that does not maintain salvation, since what preserves it is the practical faith, the faith that revolutionizes and makes you be a person that in the presence of God, that indeed lives that moment! But the believer, who barely does what is right and obeys, becomes accommodated, without sacrifice.
Obadiah feared God, but was afraid of Jezebel. And even the servants of God who he helped were accommodated! They were 100 prophets empty of “prophecy”, because they had to be hidden by Obadiah in a cave, having to be sustained by him with bread and water. Neither the prophets nor Obadiah were attentive!
And what allows us to be attentive? When there is a belief within us we, have a live faith. The faith that enlivens our spirit and makes us demand in our own attitudes a surrendering, a challenge, hatred of sin, opposition against evil and against the devil’s work. You realize that Obadiah and the 100 prophets did not do this … They were there, allowing everything to happen, without doing anything!
I ask you: Maybe you are having various confrontations with the devil, like in your home, at work and everywhere and you just do charity, but come on now, you talk to God: “Change that person…” but with your attitudes you don’t do anything!
You can see that the Holy Spirit is subject to your spirit and it depends that you have a live faith. He cannot do this work when you limit yourself, when you are afraid and accept it; when you need to hide, like the prophets, or when you are afraid of what the devil can do and so you do not confront him.
In this case, you are an “Obadiah”! You don’t commit adultery, you don’t lie, you do everything right, but have acted in a cowardly way, fearful. This is not the faith that pleases God, as the Bible says. “Without faith it is impossible to please God” Make a reflection about your life.
The 14th it’s not only to present your sacrifice and stay with your arms crossed, but it’s to continue… to confront the devil’s work, ravish your feelings of fear, that which makes you be accommodated, that makes you annulled in your faith. Get up; do not be timid or afraid! Place “fire” in your offering and not only on the 14th or the days following it, but from now on compromise yourself to be a different person! When you leave that altar do not leave the same way. Do not accept to be that person that annuls herself, uncertain and coward, who is afraid of challenges. Negative! Get up from that frustration and abandon that religious attitude. Be a man and a woman of God, who represents Him here on earth, with your attitude of power!
The seven Spirits of God must be part of you, and not just the one of fear. The remaining six have to dwell in your interior and, for that, you have to go out and “hunt”! Be smart and use your faith.

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3 comentários

  1. Thank you, Mrs. Viviane!
    I have learned that faith and works must co-exist, for me to see the manifestation of Gods power in my life.

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  2. Gracies por este mensaje. Tengo mucho que aorender, pero no voy a tener miede.

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  3. before the campaign i was a bit relaxed in my faith, like you mentioned just speaking about the Word of God, doing the right things and there wasnt much difference,but as i was exercising my faith during the campaign i woke my faith up, and this post is very strong i learnt that i cannot be acommodated i must be a living sacrifice everyday not just during the campaign. I must be revolted against the devil, to not allow things to happen. I must represent God through my attitude. Thank you Mrs Viviane 🙂

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