Experience: When God says YES to you

Viviane Freitas

  • 13
  • Dec
  • 2014

Experience : When God says YES to you

  • 13
  • Dec
  • 2014

After the second NO, I kept on investing on what I had learned …

I needed to take care of me, so I started to observe everything I did and felt, and as I was discovering myself, (and believe me, this is not easy, we always think we are nice but when we begin to see our interior, we end up disappointed in us, in seeing the amount of ugly things we carry), I was working to rip out whatever was contrary to God or my faith.

Calm down! Do you remember?! When we find a problem, we also find the opportunity to develop and become better, which is why these discoveries were not a burden.

I was so happy, and kept on waiting for the day that my chance would come … until a phone call changed everything. We were transferred from Spain, on the day following that phone call we already had to be in the new country…

We returned to Portugal, and now? Here the wives were already finishing the Rush, there was no more way that I could get in that year, and so then I said only one thing to God:
– “Look here my God, you know that I love taking care of people, it has always been why I’ve wanted to join the group, but now, it’s not just for others, but mainly for me, I want and need to be more for you, so then I don’t even care if here in Portugal the Rush is already ending, it’s in Your Hands, it’s no longer my problem.”

And indeed it was not; I couldn’t do anything about it that is why I gave my concerns, without reserving anything, and the situation I was living to God.

A month later, when I least expected it, behold a question arises: – You still want to be part of Godllywood?
– Yes!
– Then ask all the wives in Spain to write an e-mail telling what they learned from you, while you were there, and then after those letters, we decide whether you enter the group or not.

I did as it was requested, and waited trustingly … I remember until this day each of the letters, after the 22nd I get a message on my Skype: from today on you are a Big Sister.

Can you believe it?! I wanted to be a Pledge (a person who is part of the group, and is cared for by a Big Sister), and look at what God did!

Why, huh?! Maybe it’s your question, and it was mines at that time too.

God only entrusts us the responsibility of caring for others, when we realize that we also need to be cared for.

The tasks are not only to fulfill a role, but to work on us from the inside out, you do not build a great work from one day to another, a foundation is needed, columns, bricks, all this requires work, and only those who are willing to work hard for it can admire the finished work.

Now I ask you, what do you want? Just to say that you are part of the group, or be crafted by God, and mature every day inside and out?

This group has nothing to do with wearing a skirt and taking pictures, it is about challenges, surrendering and achievements.

Are you willing to do this?

If so, Godllywood is for you.

If you want to know more about this work, write to me, or look for the Pastor’s wife in the Help Center nearest you.

Everything you read here, from now on, every experience, struggle, difficulty and victory, is due to my beginning back then, the day I decided to see myself as a soul, someone that needs to grow and develop … the day I received the first No, which changed the history of my life.

Well, I wonder what happens after all this? Oh-oh, you can’t imagine…

Until next time;)

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3 comentários

  1. God only entrusts us the responsibility of caring for others, when we realize that we also need to be cared for.

    Wow wow wow! Such an eye opening blog! When did forget that I am also a soul. I am so concerned with taking care of the things of God and the responsibilities I have in His name that I forgot to take care of my own soul and spiritual life! And God is so merciful because He is always speaking because He wants me to be a better person for Him not a better worker. I want to change. I want to take a deep breath and allow God to take control of His work, my place is to just allow Him to use me for whatever He wants.

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  2. Hello Mrs. Sara,

    I completely agree with your testimony, there is no way you can help others if you, yourself needs help. Seeing yourself for who you are is the most difficult to accept but if you are willing and humble to learn and change, it becomes a blessing. Your testimony just prove that. There is certainly no gain if their is no pain and every lemon can be change into lemonades when you are in presence of God!

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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  3. Hey ma pastor I really want to join the rush month next year and I post my challenges weekly but my ma pastor never suggested or spoke about about going I want to understand am I doing the challenges wrong am I 2 desperate or is it not my time yet. I never spoke to her about it cause I don’t see it as a good idea

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