Assistant: Assistant learning how to be spiritual…

Viviane Freitas

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  • Dec
  • 2014

Assistant : Assistant learning how to be spiritual…

  • 11
  • Dec
  • 2014

But after all, what do we understand as being “spiritual”?

Does it have to do with an unceasing prayer, a daily fast or going to church every day?

In fact, the base of someone who is spiritual is in the FEAR, which allows you to safeguard your salvation, develop your communion with God, and thirst to grow and learn more of God.

This fear allows you to think before you feel and, therefore, you do not live by the circumstances or make choices with emotion, but you walk according to the intelligent faith! And since your choices depend on the Spirit, you do not live according to your five senses, but always dispose yourself to sacrifice your will in favor of what pleases God.

She who is spiritual hates to be unfair and hates sin that is why she is sensible and vigilant. She is not swayed towards her own will or the opinion of others, but is firm in the Truth! She is attentive to every opportunity and the problems become, for her, a greater chance to develop her commitment and to act out her faith.

The spiritual assistant is more attentive to herself than anyone else. Her only concern is to please God and therefore knows that she must take care of her inner foundation and not live based on “doing”; she doesn’t allow herself to be deceived or mislead by being a “good person” or being highly required. Her consciousness is the thermometer of her intimacy with God.

She is not afraid of being true and straightforward. She confronts her own reality and therefore is not afraid to tell the truth to those that cross her path, because she is fully aware that only the truth can liberate. Because she is free, she liberates! She works in partnership with God.

The spiritual assistant does not compare herself, because she herself makes a difference wherever she goes. Whether at home, at work or at church, everyone notices that she is different and that she makes a difference! She has a natural brightness and her testimony is real. For her, the word accommodation does not exist, because she always looks for new ways to renew her interior that is why her life is constantly on the Altar. She never deprives herself of the sacrifice!

Being spiritual makes the Bible come to life in every attitude, reaction, and thought. Through it, she conquers her goals, and above all preserves her salvation.

Are you a spiritual assistant?

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  1. I also noticed that it is very important to watch oneself’s behaviour , when around people and when alone. What kind of a person the assistant becomes, to check if i am influenced or i am influencing. To see if i am different or the same. To put the thoughts and see if the ideas and actions are approved or disapproved by God.

    It is a spiritual thing to do, because even the Holy Spirit will help you to identify these things within you. It is really amazing of what you can realise about yourself…

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