Assistants with an entrepreneurial spirit!

Viviane Freitas

  • 3
  • Oct
  • 2013

Assistants with an entrepreneurial spirit!

  • 3
  • Oct
  • 2013

Today, I will talk about something that drew my attention, the word entrepreneurship!

While my husband was talking to a group of entrepreneurs about their work, I thought about how important it is to have this spirit.

His explanations were so bold and at the same time he passed on an extraordinary vision. Inside me I screamed, ” I HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT FOR THE ASSISTANTS. ” This is a great characteristic we should all possess. Being an entrepreneur is much more than what we imagine. Usually we associate this word to the business world.

My friends, let’s expand our knowledge, we can’t always be repeating the same thing, we need to innovate ourselves. Unfortunately, over the years, I haven’t see many progress or have the desire to expand their knowledge. Many are stuck in time, thinking that they already know enough and therefore don’t advance and don’t achieve anything where they are or where ever they go!

Many start something and don’t finish. They don’t go until the end to reach their goals, they give up halfway, they let themselves get carried away by the circumstances, and become easily distracted by other things. They don’t think it’s necessary to invest their time, set goals, organize their ideas, or planning their day. They become lazy and sadly, I talk about this because this is not the Spirit of our God!

God’s Spirit is not limited or stagnant, quite the contrary, essentially He acted as an entrepreneur ever since the creation of the World. Notice how God made the world, all with order and discipline.

He is an innovator, creative, has the initiative to go to the end with His plans. He doesn’t leave anything half way done. He goes all the way in everything He does, leaving no room for doubt. He is the greatest ENTREPRENEUR ever!

Analyze yourself, see if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and answer the following questions:
Do you set your goals and continue until you accomplish them?
When you fail, do you give up or do you raise your head get your strength back enough to amend your mistakes and continue?
Is your vision higher than the obstacles that arise?
Do you take on the leadership role and pursue it until the end?
Is your vision limited or do you see everything as an opportunity to discover and overcome?
Do you make your own time, ideas, and decisions?

Entrepreneurship is a combination of two words. Let’s see if you have these characteristics in your conduct:

– Initiate, undertake something, have a purpose and a strategy.
-You must feel pain, because you need to give up many things to achieve the goal you have set (it requires sacrifice).

Be inspired by enterprising individuals. I will give you an example of one for you to meditate on: Daniel!

I sincerely hope that this article will be useful for you as it has for me! We can’t have a closed mind. Take advantage of this fast to acquire that entrepreneurial spirit!

Do you agree with me on this? Do you think the same way?

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  1. The word Entrepreneurial caught my attention. When i think of this word i think of power, responsibility, success etc. It is true that majority of the times we have goals but if we fail at it 10 times we sit in a corner and become upset with the world as if the world is to he held responsible for what happened. The line where you mentioned that God is order and discipline open my eyes even wider as i was reading “In the footsteps of Jesus” and meditating on that section which described God as Light, Order and Discipline and how i can have this character.

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  2. Yes I agree, amen!

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