More than words

Viviane Freitas

  • 7
  • Dec
  • 2013

More than words

  • 7
  • Dec
  • 2013

These days we are living the spirit of the Campaign of Israel.

I have had several experiences during these few weeks. I couldn’t cease to mention one in particular…

This time I’m doing things I’ve never done before and of course my husband too.

We always teach the people to sacrifice, obey, and not limit their sacrifice in order to present a perfect sacrifice in every area of their life. Often we as servants of the God of the Israel Campaign “hide” behind that position! How often do we practice what we preach?
I can do more in the church, wake up in the middle of the night, fast, cry out, get rid of the evil eyes, malice, etc. But… Where is the novelty of each campaign? There’s always something new that God asks of us, and this is not only for the people!

A few days ago the pastor in my region commented about going out to sell on the street because that was how we wanted to teach the people not to settle on always doing the same thing. We were given the approval to do so and now we just needed to put it into PRACTICE!

In conclusion:
We’re going out on the streets to sell food (coffee, sandwiches, cakes, etc.)
We’re doing a raffle for those outside the church.
We’re also asking for donations for the social work “HH” (Helping hands). Yesterday my husband went alone and has already brought more than half of a month worth of donations.

We’re doing all this and more as our sacrifice! To put it inside our envelope, not because we are in needs or the church is, it’s solely to generate our sacrifice. We do this because we want to take possession of the Promised Land – which belongs to those who are born of God!

For example, here in UCKG Usera, I’m currently taking care of the youth group, since the assistant in charge is away and in these two months the Group has grown tremendously. One youth calls another and little by little they have understood the meaning of sacrifice. Also because they are seeing the pastor and his wife practicing sacrifice not just talking about it.

I was speaking with a new youth in the church and she told me that she ended a relationship of 9 months because it was the wall that she wanted to take down in order to start a new life. She’s new at the church and hardly understands what the campaign is about and doesn’t even know where it is written about the wall that fell down in the Bible. She is putting into practicing little by little what we’re teaching her. 🙂

Sometimes, we, wives hide behind this wall (the daily routine of the work of God) and just instruct the people to make their total sacrifice, forgetting that the best lesson is the one that is practiced!

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  1. Nice , its True it fits right into the title more than words because one thing is telling people what to do and the other is doing it. The only way to make something big occur is by sacrifice

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