Assistants, How are you preparing yourself?

Viviane Freitas

  • 6
  • Jun
  • 2013

Assistants, How are you preparing yourself?

  • 6
  • Jun
  • 2013

As I was listening to someone speak about her experience in her work strategy, I analyzed one specific word she used which completely changed the way she performed in the Work of God.

Many Assistants wants to get quick and effective results, however they forget that for this you need to do something first.

What do you need to do?

PREPARE! That is the key word and the right attitude!

That’s what she did that radically changed the way she honored God.
But, best of all, the results she obtained where not only external but internal as well. Which contributed to her personal growth.

The frustration she felt when she didn’t achieve what she wanted was this lack of preparation.

As she was speaking I thought to myself: This is so true, for everything in life, we must prepare.
Whatever it is we do, if we want positive results, we must prepare ourselves first.

For example:
For a school exam, the student has to prepare for it;
To get married, the couple must prepare;
For a surgery, the surgeon and the patient must prepare themselves;
To build a building, the architect has to prepare plans;
For everything in life there has to be some sort of preparation…

You not have to be extra smart to understand this.
Preparing is:
– Getting ready, ready for anything,

Preparation requires you to outline your objectives, to research for answers and to perseverance to achieve your goals.
Those who prepare themselves are diligent, vigilant and their life becomes a reference for others.

Now let’s think, how should you prepare yourself before working in the meetings as an assistant?
Have you truly valued your calling or do you just wear that uniform just anyway? Have you done so in a hastily manner?

If you need preparation to perform a physical job, imagine what kind of preparation you need to deal with “souls” , people’s lives, and to serve God diligently?!

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  1. Those who prepare themselves are diligent, vigilant and their life becomes a reference for others.
    This is the quote that stood out to me the most. As a servant of God my aim is to lead people to God, this also includes being a reference of God here in earth and become His perfect reflection wherever we go. Our planning and organisation enables us to this.
    Thanks for sharing

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  2. The title and uniform should not be the main purpose but SOULS.

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