Assistant – Don’t make yourself out to be victim!

Viviane Freitas

  • 14
  • Mar
  • 2013

Assistant – Don’t make yourself out to be victim!

  • 14
  • Mar
  • 2013

Please read the email below and then analyze the reply. It’s long, but read it to the end. It just might be YOUR case.[/p-intro]

“Hello Mrs. Viviane, how are you?

Here I am starting from scratch. I’m no longer working as an assistant.

Some things happened in my life, things that I never thought would happen. I also did things, wrong things, that I never imagined I would do.
Five years as an assistant and only on fifth year all this happened to me.

I saw assistants who were with me falling for the same mistake I would fall for later on…and whenever I saw it happen, do you know what I would do? I’d ask God not to let me make the same mistake as them.

So, why did it happen?

Because even though I was asking God for help, what I really needed to do was WATCH, and then PRAY.

But it happened … and now I’m paying the price for my mistake.

I lost everything and now I’m starting again from scratch.

It’s because, deep down, I was never truly born of God, let alone baptized with the Holy Spirit (…) when I fell into sin, with this guy, and I stopped being an assistant, everyone around me (assistants and some pastor’s wives) turned their back on me and judged me. It was so hard to bear!

Can you believe that church members, people who weren’t even baptized, who hardly, if ever, went out to evangelize, were the ones who most supported and helped me out without judging me? I realized that what is really missing in today’s assistants is the love for the souls. Nobody cared to see the needs of my soul, let alone have love for it (on these days, I’d remember the message about the “soul” you gave some time ago).

The only person who, although disappointed, never gave up on me was God. His Hand is the only One I can hold on to. He was the only One who saw me in that “hole” and reached out to hold my hand. I’ve never been as dependent on God as I am now and that is what gives me strength to go on (…)”

Now read Viviane Freitas’ answer:

“Dear Friend,

I’m not going to talk about something emotional here, because emotions merely “talk” about what a person is feeling and puts them into a more tormented state than before.

Look at what your pastor had to say about you:

‘She was suspended at the time, but at the moment is no longer an assistant. She lied the first time, second time and now the third time about the same situation – kissing “unbelievers” out there. The guy she currently dates is now a member of the church and has confessed he’s taken her clothes off before. He is coming regularly and starting to take things seriously, but she continues lying, even though in front of her, he’s said that they’ve slept with each other. She’s tried to hide it, but this has been going on for over a year. Thank you and good afternoon.’

This is your story! And if I placed it before you, would I be judging you?!

If it’s all a lie, I ask you: Do you not believe in God’s Divinity? Is He not the Light that reveals the whole truth, sooner or later?
If you’re as sure as you say you are, then why do you feel guilty (or accused) when looked at by the pastor’s wives, assistants etc…?

In fact, what you’re feeling is your conscience weighing down on you.

I don’t care what others say about you. What I’m interested in is the choice you’ve made. It’s your life that is at stake and you can’t afford to play around with it.

I’m sorry but what kind of email is this? Is it to gain the sympathy of others and make yourself out to be the victim? Until when will you hide your mistake?

Do you really think you are worth trusting if you continue to act this way?

Again, I apologize…but I have to tell you the truth and defend the right that you have, which you’ve thrown away, to be saved. I have to fight for your soul because, a lie, no matter how small, is still a lie! And in doing this, you are making yourself a daughter of the devil. That’s what the Bible says.

To this point I’ve only spoken about the facts and not about what you are feeling. Why? Because the facts reveal your choices, which in turn show your love, your faith and the consideration you have for God. By looking at the facts, it’s clear: you don’t love God, you’re simply participating in a religion.

Try to sort your problem out and stop looking at what others say or think. When you talk like that, you’re making yourself the victim, and to me, you are not the victim. You’re a soul trying to seek God in your own way.

Try to “be” and not just “look the part”. Whoever seeks to “be” does not need approval from anyone. When you truly strive to “be”, your inner beauty will naturally be visible to the eyes of men and women of God.

The fact is, you still haven’t “seen” who you really are, because when that happens, we snap into reality and begin to seek for the truth on our own…we don’t wish to be that horrible person any longer! It’s precisely at this stage that we do everything in our power to sort out what is inside us.

Those who make themselves out to be the victim always use a “scapegoat” and blame it for their shortcomings, simply because, they don’t want the TRUTH.

And, in the end, if you don’t want the truth, deep down, you don’t want Jesus!

Now it’s up to each one of us to wise up and make sure this has not been happening in our life.”

See you next Thursday with another subject that will awaken your faith and the development of your salvation.”

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  1. hello Miss Vivianne,i am not yet an Assistant,but it seems this message is strongly talking to I also watching the Assistant in focus videos in YouTube,I learned a lot and it make me think and meditate every story of the Assistant.i always place my self to their a evangelist I also face the same situation they face specially the negative thoughts,but I always remember what the Pastor’s wife told me that,our mind is our huge battle field everytime,so it’s depend on us how we overcome,as we have already a weapon to overcome it,dont allow the devil overcome us through our mind.its very strong and it makes me more thirsty to seek God.thank you Miss Vivianne for sharing,above all,I thank to Lord Jesus Christ for using you.??

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