Assistant, does your word have honor?

Luisa Teixeira

  • 20
  • Aug
  • 2015

Assistant, does your word have honor?

  • 20
  • Aug
  • 2015

Unfortunately, what we have seen more in our midst today is that many don’t honor their word. Any adverse circumstance is enough to go back on their commitment!

Note what is written:

All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.”   (Matthew 5:37)

I would like to ask you the following questions:
Has your word been yes, yes; no, no?
When does it go beyond that?

I will give you examples of behaviors, let’s cut to the chase…

  • When you give excuses and don’t accept your mistake;
  • When you omit a serious situation, which is detrimental to the salvation of others or the work of God;
  • When you do everything to hide your true state, that you’re not well spiritually, and you live by appearances;
  • When your intention is to please others and sometimes you even end up unbalanced because you don’t have the courage to say no;
  • When you live seeking glory or approval and therefore you “do it your way” in order to achieve what you want;
  • When you makeup an argument so you don’t have to say what really happened, because you don’t want to be affected;
  • When you don’t go straight to the point in order not to displease;
  • When you’re asked about a situation that you witnessed, but conceal the truth, convincing yourself that the Holy Spirit will show everything, being that He has already shown it;
  • When you say a “white lie” to avoid future problems…

These are some of the behaviors that demonstrate that your word is not Honorable and worst of all is… that those who live like this, are pleasing the devil, him or herself, and others—everyone but God! The most serious fact is that they are far from salvation!

I would like you to reflect on this matter and especially be true to yourself.

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12 comentários

  1. This post has been so important, thank you as of recent I was having a struggle that had lasted for years with the inability to say no, or I am sorry but I can’t. God this past month has truly showed me the error of what I was doing. I was throwing everything out of place at home, and that is not what God wanted me to do. Thank you for this post I am going to look closely at all the other examples! May God Bless you!

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  2. Wow! This word as short as it is but very strong. Besides our word having power if one begins to answer just because and not meaningfully our word itself starts to loose its meaning, which is awful for an assistant. Thanks to this article it helped me be more aware of my words not only by not lying but by doing what I said I would. Otherwise my words will become powerless spiritually talking.

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  3. Thank you for this post. What sparks me the most is the fact that although some of the points may seem ‘trivial’ but they can cost me/us our salvation, which proves them to be serious indeed! I’ll be meditating further in this.

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  4. This message is so short but so powerful.
    I am a person that ever since the beginning of this year, one of my a aims was to forever fulfil my word and if I didn’t; I would fail myself and God. Along the way, small things were not being honoured and I realised this; even though they were small, it still makes a big difference because if in the small I can’t be faithful, in the big it will be impossible. So once I realised this, I decided to renew the Vow of keeping and honouring my word before God again to go back to my first works because it was what helped me excel and grow in my spiritual life.

    Even when I read the Bible passage at the beginning of this post, where is says that anything beyond yes or no is from the evil one, I thought about excuses and beating around the bush, if you’re answer isn’t straight to the point, you’re trying to cover up and make yourself look like a victim and that is poor behaviour.
    Literally everything in this post links and makes so much sense.

    Thank you to both Mrs Vivane and Mrs luisa for sharing. If we aren’t careful, this is how the work of God and his Spirit can be taken away from us because it needs to continue in a pure state, and anything that defines that will be removed if we don’t fix up quickly.

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  5. Creemos que ciertas actitudes no van afectar con respecto a una palabra, más si analizamos tal situación somos cómplice de ciertas vanalidades y llega a nuestra conciencia por no ser directo en contestar no, cuando es no y si cuando es si.

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  6. Words are very strong has the power to rebuke or praise to help or kill for prophesy or to cures.. How I use my words and stocking by them is very important because this shows wheat her I am balanced or not and my relationship with God because if I fam unbalanced. (LukeWarm) this is very dangerous for my salvation.

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