Assistant: Diamond Assistant

Viviane Freitas

  • 13
  • Mar
  • 2015

Assistant : Diamond Assistant

  • 13
  • Mar
  • 2015

Who doesn’t want to be a very shiny diamond, admired for its value as well as by its process?

Truthfully, we all want to be that diamond!

But the big question is the following: “Are you aware of the process by which it passes through until it gets to be this precious stone?”

We are like a rough stone, ready to be polished, or not … it all depends on our decision!

The process is painful because it involves passing through several stages and if we are not willing to pass through them, we will never become a precious diamond in the Work of God.

The steps are:

1st) Cut – This process is the one where we need to be radical, against our own “I”, our own wills, “selfishness”. We need to “cut” the evil by the root. I’ll share a simple example: Leaving the friends that do not share the same Spirit, that is, not just those friendships that you once had, but especially those that are beside you, in the same “boat”, but live for themselves.

2nd) Stoning – This phase is the most time consuming because it requires for me to be attentive to my impulses, thoughts, feelings. And unfortunately not everyone is sensitive to this process, because they let themselves be dominated by their human nature. Practical example: When you are reprimanded or called to reason, you quickly have an answer at the tip of your tongue, or within yourself there is a “sea” of complaints and murmurings.

3rd) Grinding – This step is where we must look within ourselves and “grind” our interior, in order to take out all the debris that prevents us from developing with God. Example: Comparing yourself with other assistants; dependent of praises and recognition; etc.

4th) Polishing – This treatment only happens when we have gone through all the steps mentioned above. We are only going to get the “shine” after all this process and it is not for our glory … but the brightness of God’s power in our lives.

I would like for you to think of this whole process and for it not to just stay in your consciousness, but from today on begin to become that diamond … at all costs!

Remember that it is you who decides!

Leave your comment and tell me if you had ever done this type of analysis.

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12 comentários

  1. Thanks for sharing with us.
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  2. it takes a great sacrifice to be a diamond, most of us wants to be diamonds without having to be cut, stonned, grinded or polished.

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  3. Thank you for the message Mrs Vivi
    From today on i choose to become this dimond so that the glory of my God may shine through me.

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  4. I hate being rebuked this has been the hardest thing I have to deal with. I find myself being defensive and slight resentfull. I see myself having bad eyes and grudges against people. I am working on this.

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  5. Thank you for sharing.
    I’m also striving to be a Diamond Assistant but had not the slightest idea on the process. Will surely put the steps into practice.

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  6. What a great way of explaining this. Its so strong how you point out in stoning the internal sea of complaints because if we what we are doing and saying is good, it is not enough. What’s inside matters a lot and many times the problem is within ourselves that will prevent us from glorifying God so we need to watch ourselves inside and out! Thank God for another strong post, god bless you.

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