Answering the cybernauts: How can I change?

Viviane Freitas

  • 27
  • Dec
  • 2014

Answering the cybernauts : How can I change?

  • 27
  • Dec
  • 2014

Hello dear cybernauts, answering the question that many, from here in the comments, have: “How can I change?”

Today, our post will have the answer for you.

Many of you want to change on the inside, want to stop living a life of frustration, are tired of always applauding the accomplishments of others, and never experiencing your own victories.

Many questions arise: How can I change? How to provoke that change in my life? If I really want too, why can’t I act differently?

So let’s get to it! But know one thing, I will be direct, and maybe my answer is not quite what you wanted to hear, but I’m here to tell you the truth that will set you free.

The first thing you should be well aware of is: NOBODY can provoke your change, unless it is you yourself through attitudes.

If you just say you want to change, but always act in the same way, you are living an emotional faith, and therefore, you have no results.

If you say you do not have the strength to change, it is because you lack goals. Every time I did not have a goal in my life, I was weak, and I kept on making the same mistakes, I felt sad for always doing the same things, I compared myself with my friends who were overcoming and I wasn’t, and I felt a victim of the circumstances.
Isn’t that exactly what you feel?

To change you must:

1) See yourself – You need to recognize what is wrong within yourself, if not, how are you going to fight an enemy that you don’t know? To find out, it’s necessary to observe yourself.

2) Humble yourself before God – So far you haven’t overcame because you tried it with your own strength; acknowledge your littleness before Him and ally yourself to Him, share with God what you are living.

3) Hate – There is no way to continue tolerating your mistakes and that, which separates you from God. You must hate what is wrong
Then you ask, hate how? Think, have you been happy with the attitudes that you have taken? Do you feel satisfied with who you are? Have you been able to be one with God, with the life you have been living?
I do not know about you my friend, but it makes me revolted when I think about that, and that’s where the hatred comes from against what separates me from God; when you think, you start using an intelligent faith and hence the 4th step.

4) Prove – That’s right! If you really want to change, prove that you are willing through your attitudes. Act contrary to what you feel, or what you want. “Oh, Sara, but it’s hard…”. And who said it would be easy?! Have you ever seen someone that stands out in this life, do it without sacrificing? We must strive, strain… and look how interesting, when God sees that you are going with all your strength against the error, He comes into action, and gives you the STRENGTH you need to become a new person.

So let’s do it this way, all of you who have written to me saying you want to change and the others who have been following the blog, will have as a goal this week to start your transformation process. You read above the 4 initial steps for a change, right? Now it’s your turn! What will you do with what you’ve read?

Next week we’ll be in 2015, and we will continue talking about the process of change, but I invite you to welcome 2015 already acting differently and provoking that this may be the Year of the Revolution in your life, so then, do you accept the challenge?!

I’ll be here waiting for your comments, come on, I want to read your stories, and see you in 2015.
Remember one thing, if I changed, all of you can change as well, now I leave here one last question: Are you willing to pay the price?

A hug and let’s go in faith!

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2 comentários

  1. mrs is the first time i read your blog en is very peworful en strong am up for this challenge because i know it wil be the great new change of me en my new year.hug for you mrs

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  2. Amen Mrs. Sara,

    Thank you for this post. I now know where I have gone wrong. I needed to prove that i want to change. Thank you Jesus for this realization. Bless Mrs. Sara for sharing her experience.

    You can count me in Mrs. and yes, I will be following your post.

    God bless! 🙂

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