6th day – How was Jesus when He was among us?

Viviane Freitas

  • 15
  • Jun
  • 2014

6th day – How was Jesus when He was among us?

  • 15
  • Jun
  • 2014

Today is already the 6th day of the Jesus Fast, in the faith of being one with Him, and today we will talk about how Jesus was when He was among us.

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. “
(John1: 14)
God became flesh. He wasn’t all about “blah blah blah”, instead there was action, and He gave Himself. God the Father gave His Son, allowing Him to dwell among us. Have you ever stopped to think about how Jesus came and submitted Himself to a human body, which was tempted in all circumstances, but yet never sinned! He submitted for you, and me in a world full of problems in which we are also subject to.
It was a sacrifice for the Lord Jesus to have exchanged the privilege of being with the Father to come for you, and me and to live among us. This really caught my attention. See the beauty in this!
“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us …”
He dwelt among sinners. There was no one like Him, but H still submitted Himself for our mistakes, and lived among us, not excluding Himself because of His perfection.
Normally, when a person sees him or herself as being perfect or does not agree with other people’s attitudes they stay away. Even though His own people did not receive Him, the Lord Jesus, still dwelt among sinners who were full of flaws and mistakes. He subjected Himself to it.
There are so many people that exclude themselves because others are imperfect. But that wasn’t what the Lord Jesus did. 
We shouldn’t exclude ourselves, but instead stay among those who want and be capable to give them life.

When He dwelt among us he caused a revolution within the people, but what I see today, is many Christians have friendships with assistants, members, and pastors wives but they aren’t revolutionizing anything. They don’t give life and they don’t see the other person as a soul.
I’ll tell you one thing: There were many times in my life that I would look for someone to teach me like my mother and older sister did because I always had that at home. When I moved away from them, I looked for other Christians to teach and exhort me just like they did, but I only heard many speak of God, but none who instructed me the way they did.
I have counseled many people who needed a word, even though there were so many others around them to help, but did not because they did not see them as a soul that was in need and needed to be worked on.

And when He dwelt among us, he did it “full of grace and truth …”. This is how we should be… Because if we find God’s favor than shouldn’t we find favor and truth among those around us as well?
When you accept, acknowledge and face the truth, are humble, learn, and face challenges because you have a partnership with God, this is grace! And when you’re among others you will also transmit this grace and truth, seeing each one as a soul.
“… And we beheld his glory, glory as of the only begotten of the Father”

Through His example you who is of God and baptized with the Holy Spirit should do the same. This is how your role should be. Whoever comes to you has to see the glory of God, and the grace and truth.
Jesus received favor among men because He offered forgiveness of sins, He was merciful and full of goodness, had peace, was a friend, but also said the truth!
While He was among us He told the truth, speaking firmly with the hypocrites, because this was the only way for them to see who they were: through the truth. But the option to accept or not has always been up to each person.
If a true friend truly existed in the world it would be the Lord Jesus, who always spoke the truth. He was among the needy, and not among the rich and the politicians, or in the “palace”, rather He went to the needy and reached out to those who sought Him for help He. He forgave. He did not throw stones at the women who sinned, He did not condemn her, but instead warned her not to sin any more!
God does not condemn, friend, instead He teaches us not to sin any more. Look at this example of friendship, and notice how you can be this friend with those around you, your co-workers, or church members. When a person fears or does not have the courage to tell the truth it is because they themselves haven’t been brave enough to see their own reality. Since it’s too hard for them to accept and acknowledge their own truth they will not be able to do that with others. Whoever receives truth has truth to give, for they live in truth.
Assume this faith my friend!
Oh, If I could put in you what happened inside me I would, but I’m sure these words here today that are not my own, but Gods will give life to each of you, and this has already happened to you who believe.

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  1. Hi Miss Vivian, yes indeed God words give me life each day and in this faith being one with Him, I’m blessed. In this faith it helps me to go deeper to know more about God, and today messages how was our Lord Jesus, when He was among us. When Lord Jesus with us, He shows us not to judge nor condemned people rather we teach them to grow and never commit sin.
    In this message, God remaind us to have full of grace in truth and remain humble in God pressence and keep our self holy and well please to God.

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  2. These 40-days are helping me so much. I have no words. The desire of obeying God’s word is growing more and growing more each and everyday.

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