4th day – Who does not know Jesus?

Viviane Freitas

  • 13
  • Jun
  • 2014

4th day – Who does not know Jesus?

  • 13
  • Jun
  • 2014

Who does not know Jesus?

Once again hello everyone,

Today, we are on the 4th day, in the faith of Being One with Him.

Are you ready to hear the truth? The truth I have for you today is straight to the point!

“He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him. He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him.”
(John 1: 10,11)

Imagine not being received by the people He instructed, the ones He taught the commandments to? The Lord Jesus came and they did not receive Him. Even though they had heard the prophets talk about the things that were to happen, they were not able to discern it while Jesus was among them. Why?

Because the truth is that they did not know Him.
You can be well informed about the Biblical stories, read the Word of God and be aware of its teaching, but not know Him!

Like many Christians who apparently think they are with Jesus, but are not. The truth is that they have not been able to discern and receive His words. Even though the Bible is right under their nose, they have the opportunity to read it, but when they do all they see are words. Nothing happens in their life, they do not receive life.

Why do you think I’m doing this 40-Day Fast with you?

Because there is a great “cry” inside of me, knowing that so many people are deceived, thinking they know Him, that they have received Him, when in fact they did not!

“… And the world did not know Him… and His own did not receive Him.”
His own did not receive Him. They had the Word, the prophecy, but still did not receive Him while He was among them. When a person does not know God, they have no idea of His desires. They do not know His will because they do not have any kind of relationship with Him. They do not talk to Him, contemplate or admire Him, they do not tell Him what is inside of them. They only present requests to Him, but they do not let Him get to know them.

You might have a sense of who He is, by what others say and that’s what you repeat, but you do not know Him. I am not taking about everyone that reads these posts, but I can prove to you those who do not know Him are like what I mentioned before: they have no idea of what He wants, do not know His will, they do not know how to distinguish the things of God, they do not see Jesus in their life, they have only seen the wonders, miracles, but do not know the Lord Jesus.

What are the fruits of those who do not know Him? They do not take on what is offered, given, or demanded from them!

– The Lord Jesus gives you forgiveness, but you do not feel forgiven, you still feel accused. You have accepted the accusation of the devil, allowing it to be stronger than the forgiveness Jesus offers.

– The person does not accept what he or she has been taught: They are taught, and informed about their improper procedure, but they do not accept it. They prefer to continue with their wrong doings and even say, “That’s the way I am, I was born like this, I inherited it from my father, my mother … ” When you do not know God, you cannot accept what He teaches you.

– They need help, but they do not admit their mistake.
– They do not submit to anything. They are advised to do something, but they rather continue to do things their way.
– They do not use the Word of God. They do not put it into practice. They speak very well about what they’ve read, but they do not apply it to their life.
– They are not one with Him. There is no sacrifice to fulfill the Word of God and that’s why they are not dependent of Him. They do what they want. Live and think how they want… Free and however they want.
These people have not received Him, because if they did, they would submit to Him like in a marriage.

I would like even if you have a position in the Church for many years, or recently it does not matter to think… Do you know who you are? A soul! For this reason I want you to check if you truly know Him, because if so, you will grow. You will receive His Word and commandments not as a burden, but as an opportunity.

If you have identified with today’s message, leave your comment. If you recognize that you do not know Jesus, but want to accept change and become flexible, if you accept the truth and are willing to resolve issue that’s inside of you.

When you do this you are acknowledging your self-worth, you are able to resolve the problem.

But when you flee, are afraid, have fear or shame, because of the truth, you are not recognizing your self-worth and are not willing to resolve the problem. You are deceiving yourself. And the result of this will be frustration, sadness, and agony.

The most beautiful thing for God is when you recognize your situation and are humble! Where you are at His feet humbling yourself telling Him that you need Him.

Do you want to be one with Him? Then talk to Him being fully aware of what you’re saying, not in a systematic, mechanical, or memorized way…

Do that today! Do your part God is right there it doesn’t matter where you are. No matter what happened in your past. He is not expecting perfection, but humility! He wants you to take on your faith in Him. The devil does not have this opportunity, but you do!

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  1. I have recognised that I do not know Jesus even though I know his wonders and miracles

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  2. This message I just read is the same message the Pastor’s Wife at my church just shared with me. Thanks for sharing as well Mrs Viviane and in this I know God is truly talking to me.

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  3. I have been in church for 11 years. I have held the title of an assistant before, but I am here to say that I identify as someone in this category. I have never known Jesus but I want to know Him, I understand now that I can’t do this on my own anymore. I can’t carry this heavy burden on my own. I need Jesus.

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