3rd day – Who is Jesus’ witness?

Viviane Freitas

  • 12
  • Jun
  • 2014

3rd day – Who is Jesus’ witness?

  • 12
  • Jun
  • 2014

Who is Jesus’ witness?

Today is the third day of the Jesus Fast, and I’m sure that those who are humble enough to recognize their faults, errors and failures before God, and do their part to change, will become one with Him! And not just in these 40 days, but forever if they remain until the end.

Today we will talk about who are Jesus’ witnesses.

“There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light. That was the true Light which gives light to every man coming into the world.” (John 1:6-9)

One of the things that stand out in this passage is that John bore witness to the light. How can you testify about the light, if you are lost?

Or when you know there’s something wrong inside of you, but you do not acknowledge it, therefore you cannot be Jesus’ witness. Even if you evangelize, counsel people, or preach. If you are lost, have doubts, or have anxiety, how can you testify about Him?

If you feel anxious something for some reason it’s normal, because we are human. But if you are anxious all the time how can you bear witness to the light? The light does not make you anxious it gives you direction. The light makes everything visible.

But often people do not recognize their spiritual condition. They know that there is something wrong, they realize that they do certain things wrong, but they don’t do anything to change that situation.

Therefore, they cannot bear witness to the light!

This is why we are doing this fast, to have the sensibility to recognize our situation. Without having any other distractions, so we can only focus on ourselves.

You might ask: “Viviane, how can I discover my mistakes? I want to find out and be able to see them. I’m willing to see that light. It doesn’t matter if it hurts or I get disappointed.”

If you really are willing, you will seek it by talking to God exposing yourself before Him. Another thing that can help is talking to someone like a pastor or a pastor’s wife. I believe that a person can grow even more, when someone is aiding them.

Alone in your faith there are things that you certainly might not see so clearly. But if you show what is inside of you and seek help, this will help! When you do that you are showing humbleness because usually people don’t want to talk about themselves, especially women. You might even be nice, have friends, but your confusions, doubts, and what truly is happening inside of you, you don’t expose to anyone because you are ashamed and fear being judged.

But in fact, when you talk to a man and a woman of God who also has their own light, they will certainly help you.

“This man came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all through him might believe.”

Notice that God does not come down and personally appear to you, but He uses His servants. Those who have the sensibility to look inside themselves and correct what needs to be corrected, and are constantly renewing their faith. How? Just like we are reading these Biblical passages together, right now!

But, I have notice that many people read the Word of God and only acquire knowledge from it. They don’t put it in practice. They read it as if it were a story and not the Word of God, which is life and is able to cut through and separates us from our errors, doubts and give us the direction we need!

Pay attention: When this light comes to exist in your life everyone around you will come to believe that light exists. This will happen when you work on your inner being and reflect on yourself! When the light comes everything that is hidden even the things you do not understand about yourself, you will understand, because the light reveals everything!

We are not the light, but when we received the light of God, we can also be used to pass on this light to others. Just like I accepted this light, and I shine because of it, I’m certain that I will shine before others as well, I will become His true witness. That way I will be able to help those who are lost.

“He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light. That was the true Light which gives light to every man coming into the world.”

When we are vigilant we are constantly reflecting on our thoughts, prayers, how we attend Church, how we are daily, how we react before our weaknesses if we overcome them or not; if we are defeating our problems, doubts, fears, shyness, and insecurities. This happens if we allow the Words we meditate on be part of our life! Therefore we can become His witness, and it is impossible for someone who is God’s witness to be quiet! You can no longer live a self-centered life, in your own “little world”. When you are a witness you want to teach others. The light will be transmitted naturally!

I invite you to take this opportunity to reflect on your life, to think using your intelligent faith and not an emotional one, to analyze yourself, to reflect on your actions, attitudes, and the fruits you bear. So, that way you can verify if the Word is part of your life or not.

After doing this, leave your comments. Even if you recognize that you are not seeing the light, or is lost. That is not a problem, but an opportunity!

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  1. I have understood that exposing my self to God and to his servants will help me to find light upon my self and this is what I want.

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  2. The light is not yet shinning through me and that’s the reason I am doing this fast because I don’t want to be lost anymore I need the light of God.

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  3. Talking to God, and my pastor and exposing what’s really happening inside will help me to obey, find this light and be set free from darkness.

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  4. I understood that if I am walking with Hod He will always going to reveal to me things that I need to change, because He is the light. I have already notice things that I need to change but now I know that God help me with it.

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