Youths, what is freedom for you?

Viviane Freitas

  • 11
  • Oct
  • 2013

Youths, what is freedom for you?

  • 11
  • Oct
  • 2013

Many young people think that freedom is when they turn 18 and their old enough to leave home and do whatever they want.

Some don’t even wait until they’re 18 to leave home, they leave before without thinking of the consequences.

And there are those who get married and think that by having their own house they will have freedom. They see marriage as an adventure, and if it doesn’t work out they will separate.

They don’t stop to think that to have a life together they have to plan it out, like when you build a house, it’s not something you can do overnight.

Those who think this way are completely deceives because being free has nothing to do with anything I mentioned.

To be free is to have a clear conscience, without malice, envy, bad eyes, pride, fears, anxieties, doubts, etc.

You have to have a pure, clean heart, a healthy body, free from sickness, drugs etc.

These are some of the things that show you are free! And you may ask, “How is this possible?” “Only if I become holy and I can’t do that!”

I’m not referring to a ” holy ” person, but a normal one. One that is full of flaws and mistakes, but can be free.

And you may think: ” How can this be? ”

Only God can make you free! Only He can take out any evil that is inside of you.

Who knows if you’re reading this post and you become angry and say, “I knew you were going to talk about religion.

No, I ‘m not talking about religion, I’m talking about God! The only one who really understands and can make you happy.

Now you must do your part to surrender completely to Him.

We are late in the Daniel fast, but it’s not too late to talk to God. To have a conversation with him, as you would with your best friend, and not just making a prayer in a religious way.

Tell Him everything that is going on with you, I’m sure that everything inside of you will begin to change.

Now, this is only the beginning, you must perseverance and do your part. God already did His a long time ago when he gave His life on the cross, remember?

Do this and tell me your experience .

A hug! Until the next post.

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