Youth, Why do you want to receive the Holy Spirit?

Viviane Freitas

  • 20
  • Oct
  • 2013

Youth, Why do you want to receive the Holy Spirit?

  • 20
  • Oct
  • 2013

In order to receive the Holy Spirit you must have a goal, what is yours?

Maybe you have been seeking, but nothing has happened and you don’t understand why!

But you haven’t stopped to ask yourself, why do I want the Holy Spirit? Just to say that you have It, because your friend has It, or just to speak in tongues?

No! It’s to win souls, to maintain your salvation and to save others.

Therefore, if you don’t have this as your goal, then it’s no use trying to seek Him.

Or maybe you don’t even have a goal. You’re just seeking Him because others are doing it.

It’s time to put all your strength and focus on a goal, but make sure it’s according to God’s plans.

If you already have a goal and you know what you want, but still haven’t received Him, then you have to question yourself. Observe your actions up until now.

Compare how your actions have been in the beginning and how they are now. Have you truly surrender yourself or has the desires of your flesh prevailed?

Do you obey what is written? To take care of your body, know that it will be the temple of the Holy Spirit!

Stop and analyze … Enjoy this Fast of Daniel to seek answers, for surely God will show you where you’re failing. And when He does show you, go with all your strength like a tornado to eliminate it from your life.

It’s impossible for it not to happen! If you want It, the devil can’t stop it. God is the one who is mostly interested in you receiving Him.

Then there is something wrong.

Maybe God has already showed you, but you don’t want to pay the price, you don’t want to feel pain. You just think all you need to do is praise Him. No! That’s not what God wants.

But why? Because it was a man who said it? How do you think God will speak to you? Through an angel, in a dream, or He will appear to you?

He has already appeared through the person who has talked to you!

Now it all depends on you.

Or are you going to wait for the next Fast of Daniel? It might be too late.

A hug !

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  1. Yes I really put this into consideration because I Have to give God a reason for Him to place His Spirit in us. its not for showing off! He has a goal so I should have a goal too for God to bless me with the most precious gift above all.

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