Youth, who has been your role model?

Viviane Freitas

  • 20
  • Jan
  • 2014

Youth, who has been your role model?

  • 20
  • Jan
  • 2014

Your life, achievements, paths and failures are all a reflection of who your role models are.

As a matter a fact, just by looking at the way you dress, the way you treat your family, your love life, what’s on your mp3 player, and the last calls you’ve made on your cell phone say whom your role model is.

Where is your life headed?
Where do you work? How much do you make, and what do you spend your money on?
These are small things that say a lot about who your role models have been.
You might ask: what does all this have to do with me?
“Role models” of this world:
Young people always look up to something or someone. They wear their favorite bands on their t-shirt and notebooks. They wear the same lipstick and bracelets, tattoos, and have friends with similar interests.
They want to talk, dress, look the same with their iPods, headphones and piercings, but none of that saves them from their own weaknesses.
At the end of the day your makeup is worn out, your hair is undone, and the reality is revealed.
“A true Role Model does not use, elude or manipulate you. A true Role Model helps you and doesn’t depend on your help.”
“Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth, before the difficult days come, and the years draw near when you say, “I have no pleasure in them” (Ecclesiastes 12:1)

Find the answer by looking at your own life, look back at who you were and who you are today.
What are the results? Are they good or bad?

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  1. Our lives really reflect and show who we are looking up to. We must really be careful of who we admire, because it is very easy to be lead astray simply because of who we follow. My ultimate role model should be God as looking to him I cannot go wrong!

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