Youth: What is the size of  your God?

Elaine Rocha

  • 12
  • May
  • 2015

Youth : What is the size of your God?

  • 12
  • May
  • 2015

Last week we learned more about ourselves, correct?

Now this week we are going to discover what you are holding inside of you. Let’s do an analysis, because it is “time” to look inside and see if you are:


  • Proud;
  • Stubborn;
  • Live in error knowing that it is wrong;
  • Holding grudges/heartaches;
  • Envious/Jealous;
  • Accommodated;
  • Lazy;
  • Rebellious;
  • Hanging out with the wrong crowd
  • Feeding impure desires;
  • Lying;
  • False/ Hypocrite;
  • Not assuming your faith;
  • Fearful of not being accepted for who you are, and therefore you to be someone you’re not;
  • Your words are always negative;
  • You are always “closed”, sulking, and rude;
  • Don’t have any interest in the things of God, be it meditating on His Word, prayer, or participating in the services;
  • Not able to forgive, and you seek vengeance and vindictive;
  • Insecure;
  • Complexed;
  • Disorganized;
  • Disobedient;

 And the list continues… Your faith and how you surrender your all to God determines the size of God in your life!
To show that you believe in a living and powerful God, the transformation has to occur within you because only then will your attitudes be different.

The first step for change to happen is to recognize what your are storing inside and giving it to God in such a way that you do not accept being that same person. Fight against your own feelings, weaknesses, but always in alliance with God, because by yourself you won’t be able to do it. With Him you will be able to overcome anything and everything, it just depends on what you give on the Altar.

Decide now to be a testimony of Jesus Christ here on Earth, so that you influence those around you to believe in God just by your change in character, in your behavior and your faithfulness; His Characteristics.

A hug and until next week!

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  1. Truly very powerful. I never thought that my faith and trusting in God determines the size of God in my life. This is an eye opener. Thank you as young person am taking my trustworthy and faith in God seriously, Thank you once more.

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