Youth: What is the first thing I should invest in?

Viviane Freitas

  • 12
  • Mar
  • 2015

Youth : What is the first thing I should invest in?

  • 12
  • Mar
  • 2015

“After reading this post I had a doubt. If I don’t have a stable financial life then it’s best not to start dating? But doesn’t our sentimental come second after our encounter with God? I, for example study engineering and I am still not stable financially, does this mean that if someone comes along I shouldn’t start dating? I’m a little confused, because if that’s true then shouldn’t our financial life come in second place.”

I received this message in response to the previous post and I think many also have this same question.

In order to date you must have money and in order to have money you have to invest in your financial life. However, when you invest in your financial life you will lose the strength to invest in your sentimental life, right? No!

Financial achievements happen through faith. When you believe in an idea (for example, a course you want to take), then you go for it (you take the course, work, etc.) and you will reap the faith you have sowed. Simple! Whoever sows sparingly reaps sparingly and those who sow abundantly will reap abundantly.

When you invest in your sentimental life it’s different. Because when I decide to dedicate myself to my sentimental life I am also investing in my spiritual life.

For example: I can use my faith to find the best guy in the world, but if I’M not a good wife, if I haven’t resolved all my traumas and complexes, and if I don’t have a close communion with God, I will not be happy with him, why? Because I’M not true happiness.

Investing in your sentimental life is not to go around looking for the ideal person, or expecting to find “Prince Charming”, or to dream about scenarios of a great love story. Investing in your sentimental life is to invest in yourself, invest in your worth as a woman of God. It’s learning to deal with your feelings, learning how to use your faith when your emotions speak louder, because you will need to have this as a base in a marriage.

When you dedicate yourself to work on your spiritual life you are investing in your eternal life, in your communion with God and this is the most important area of ​​our life. Your love life is so important because it can further develop your communion with God or destroy it completely, hence why they are so closely linked.

Your love life is very important and you should be attentive to it.

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  1. it had never crossed my mind that my spiritual life would be connected to my love life.but reading this reminded me about the love therapy meeting lessons of first working upon my spiritual life and then my love life cos i have seen and heard people leave the presence of God due to their lovelife.lesson well learnt.thanks

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  2. Thank you for sharing this post this is so strong, this makes you to really think.

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  3. Thank you so much for this strong message. It is such an eye opener for many youth like me who firstly just wanted to have lots of money and stability first before getting into anything serious.First thing first is your communion with the Lord Almighty because God says seek first the kingdom of God and all the other things will be added unto you.

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