When I value myself

Viviane Freitas

  • 8
  • Mar
  • 2013

When I value myself

  • 8
  • Mar
  • 2013

You know how I value myself?

I’ll talk about myself … the moment I valued myself.

It happened when I gave up everything to serve God.

Even within the work of God, apparently serving Him, I never rejected to go where God sent me…but sometimes, deep inside, I let my flesh stay in control.

That’s when, independently and by my own faith, I started to fight to become the kind of woman the Word of God teaches. I started to sacrifice, on the altar, everything that I discovered to be wrong in me.

I found flaws…quite a few actually. I started emptying myself. I did everything I could to prove to God that I was truly determined to give myself to Him, wholly and not just verbally.

I got rid of everything that I discovered to be wrong. All of my selfishness. This was until I discovered the root of all my problems. I was amazed at how many years had passed and still I hadn’t seen it! A trauma.

Let me tell you, friend …. I cried for days. But it wasn’t out of sadness, but rather, because I felt so loved. I saw God Himself reveal to me who I was. I was ashamed of everything I had been and done because of it…but at the same time, I was grateful. Grateful because it only revealed how unconditional His love truly was.

I saw who I really was and the reason why I had had so many problems. I had provoked them!

The revelation is: value yourself. From that point onwards, you will understand everything else.
We are only able to have this revelation, when we seek, incessantly, to “be” and not just “do” for God.

Before I understood this revelation … I had to “hunt” my flaws down.

Because I “hunted” … I was constantly in a watchful state.
And because I was on watch, I analised all of my actions.
And because I analised…I was also willing to uncover the truth.
No matter how much it would hurt, the truth was the only way out!
And because I was looking for the way out…I was looking for Jesus, who is the Owner of all Truth.

Problems are not synonymous with an “end”, actually, they are a great opportunity to use your faith to learn and to achieve the good that comes from it.

In other words …. The true value one gives to themself, requires:

Denying your flesh. The load that holds you back will be lifted;
Sacrificing. It irradicates your selfishness;
Hunting your flaws down. Why? Because it keeps you in spirit. This is what it means to “watch”.
Watching. Why? Because you’re waiting for your Lord.

That’s why:

The truth is what you should yearn for, because it sets you free.
Learning is a necessity. It shouldn’t offend, but rather, renew your mind.
Willingness to serve. It is not a burden, but a privilege to be able to “fly” to where God wants you to.

And so…everything becomes lighter and simpler, so you can glorify Him without the burden of a religion, by becoming a “doer” of the Word of God.

Gratitude and fear are always present inside me, because I saw my sin and God’s unconditional love. I can never be the same again or allow my faith to “park”, because I’ve seen, with my own eyes, the truth of His Word through His Power and Love.

My dear friend … I’ll never stop, because I saw and see how much I truly need to depend on Him. My faults and errors strengthen me to proceed onwards in true faith.

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6 comentários

  1. Woman of God, thanks bfor sharing. I feel empowered, encouraged and confident that I am a child of God. I will continue to build on who I am and all that I could ever be.

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  2. So true Mrs Vivian one day God reaveled something to me that I was doing . For sometime it kept on coming back to my mind felt so ashamed asking myself how did I do that why I took time for me to see it , oh it was always on my mind, but after some time God showed me it was a mistake I had to learn from , change and move on not to dwell on it. That is how much God loves us by showing us the truth. After all the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth that guide us into all the truth.

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  3. Amen. I understand that only when I valued myself will I be able to value the words of God.. And its only when I will be able to take care of my spiritual life.

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  4. Amen always need to recheck life to identify the wrong thing and move out

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  5. When I started to grow as being child of God Here at UCKG I’ve learned many things from God words,until I found out my life is worth than anything from fleshly desire, I started keep on moving forward and one day I realize to give worthy myself and to be value myself because of the Holy Spirit is working in my life ,keep spoke to me and I embrace the total transformation by God and now I am keep valuing my everything that God gave me through faith and action my life is worth.
    Thank you miss Vv
    Have a blessed day

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  6. When you value something you take care of it, when you value someone, you take care of them and this is exactly the same thing with my faith, my faith is so precious because it links me with God through His Son Jesus Christ. For example, if my faith is weak, my link with God is weak because this is the very thing that connects me to Him and without it, I cannot believe He is there and I will not come to Him. Through my faith, I believe that everything I decide to change will please Him and this is why I need to search inside and find if there is any root that will try and tamper with my faith, I have to be over protective with my faith but not religious and fanatic. I have to guard my faith, since my its so precious and powerful and many people want to steal it from me (i.e. the devil) I cannot leave anything to chance.

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