I married a “Sister”

Viviane Freitas

  • 11
  • Mar
  • 2013

I married a “Sister”

  • 11
  • Mar
  • 2013

Yesterday I found myself thanking God for being happy. “Wow…” I thought. In a world where it seems so far fetched, this joy filled my heart.

I simply thank Him for that! I did it all consciously. Then, I thought of the millions of human beings that can not say the same.

I married a beautiful woman who is part of the Godlywood project. She’s a “sister”. To be honest, I knew very little about this profound and blessed initiative. Little did I know I would be so close to it.

I have a very intense and exhausting profession which makes me forget some very important things in life and the fact that I have to give them their due weight. One day this changed, or rather, it continues to change day by day.

I’m going to, briefly, tell you what it’s like being married to a “sister”. Anyone who knows even a little about this work knows that these women do not have spare time, they invest it in others. Other people who need help and support, things that they have not found anywhere else.

People like me, who have a very busy life, marry someone and seek support, help, a “second half” with a quieter life to compensate for the life they lead.

This is not what marrying a sister is though…thankfully!

At first I thought to myself: “She won’t be able to keep up with this pace…neither will she be able to help me at home with the meals, clothes etc…”

That’s when she, as if guessing what I was thinking, said to me: “Calm down, my love. I’m here.”

And since then:


  • Her peace calms down my hustle and bustle;
  • Her sweetness transforms my anxiety;
  • Her good manners with those around her makes me feel safe;
  • Her beauty turns me away from my harsher side;
  • Her simplicity is far above any treasure;
  • Her special touch on my clothes is unique;
  • The way she dresses and takes care of her hair make me a fulfilled man;
  • The care she has with our home and our meals is sublime;
  • Her prayers, together with mine, make us one;
  • In essence, she makes it all happen…and to think I thought she wouldn’t have enough time for it all!


In my spare time, I even find myself helping her with the Godllywood tasks. When she can not be with me, I don’t feel alone. I feel fulfilled because I’m giving her time to reach out to other people who are lost, since my work at times doesn’t allow me to. What more could I want?

I am “lucky”, not because I have the best of both worlds, but because I have the two best things in the universe: God and a Woman after His Own Heart.

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