What hair color is the best for me?

Viviane Freitas

  • 13
  • Aug
  • 2013

What hair color is the best for me?

  • 13
  • Aug
  • 2013

Are you tired of the same every day look? Which woman doesn’t like a change?

A change in your hair color may be the solution for that “change” of look you’re looking for.
But with so many options out there choosing an ideal hair color is no easy task.
I decided to write about this topic because, I, myself, am in search of a new look. Well friends, I don’t want to change my hair color without knowing what really works with my skin tone. So let us together understand a little bit more on how to make the perfect combination.
First, you need to find out what your style is. Then, choose a haircut that best matches that style, both of these things are important when we want to change your hair color.

Let’s find out how everything is related: When I decide to change something I need to know where to start. This decision can’t be made based on an emotion, or much less copying someone else. Sometimes we see a beautiful hair color in a magazine and want to try it on our hair, but will that look good? You need to follow these simple rules so that you make no mistakes. That’s the reason why we are here! To give you enough tips so you can make the right choices.

There are rules when it comes to choosing a haircut or color. There are certain colors you can choose that will best match your skin tone. So, let’s find out what your ideal hair color is.
Important tip: Your hair color shouldn’t be the same as your skin tone because this will make your look lifeless.

Let us find out what is the ideal color for each of us. Ready?

Medium skin tone – Ideally, people with medium skin tone should choose warm colors like golden brown, auburn and reddish, with or without highlights.
Dark skin tone- medium and light browns go well with this skin tone. You can choose to get high and low lights, you can even try red or cooper highlights.
Pink skin tone- for this type of skin tone, neutral shades or gray undertones is the most suitable. According to some hair stylist, the absence of red or golden tones corrects the pink skin.
White skin tone- this type of skin tone goes well with almost every shade except too dark or too light like: blue black or platinum blonde. You can choose to go lighter in the middle and at the ends.

See? It’s not so hard now that you know which color suits you best. Just take action and change, be a new woman, value and invest in yourself. When we are determined to do something, in whatever area of our lives it may be, we must never give in, but continue firm and strong until we get what we want.

Kisses to all
I ‘ll be waiting for your pictures.

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