What do you have to do before the impossible?

Viviane Freitas

  • 31
  • Jul
  • 2015

What do you have to do before the impossible?

  • 31
  • Jul
  • 2015

Hello everyone, I am pleased to be here!

Today we will continue with the book of Hebrews. We are talking about faith, and the most important thing that we have discussed is practicing it. It’s no use talking, liking me very much and having affection for me: when you don’t exercise the faith!

The Word of God gives life, if by chance your life is uneventful, without “something” that gives you strength or that makes you plan ahead, have goals, then there is something wrong with your faith. Maybe you’re just having knowledge of the Word of God, but you’re not bringing it into existence in your life.

Every time you accompany the blog or are reading the Bible by yourself, meditating, in the church, you have to observe yourself. After that meeting, that message, that audio or your meditation, think: How are you acting? Is it that you only “recall”, or maybe you even forget what happened at the meeting, of what you read that day…? This can’t happen! -Because faith is nourished by the Word of God.

In the book of Hebrews 11:29, it says the following:

“By faith the people passed through the Red Sea as on dry land; but when the Egyptians tried to do so, they were drowned.”

What do you do before the impossible? Do you expect God to do something for you?

Note that to open the Red Sea, Moses had to extend the staff. Remember that the Egyptians were coming with their chariots and horses, to kill and destroy the Hebrews? Moses began to cry out to God and He answered him: “… Moses why are you crying out to me? Extend your staff … “

Often you think that when you’re standing in front of the impossible you have to cry out to God, fast, pray or pray each hour. Actually, it’s an attitude that has to be taken, you have to “bounce” back, “extend your staff” and touch the sea! You have to “touch” the problem.

What’s the problem that you are experiencing that is impossible?

So then, my friend, use your faith! Exercise it! “Bounce” back, don’t wait for God or someone to do something. Talk to Him and use your faith! Many people stay praying and waiting for something extraordinary to happen on the outside, and don’t do anything … It’s not just praying. It’s exercising this faith! It’s going there, working, and executing what needs to be executed.

Sometimes you have to face your shame, your fear, you have to do something, you can’t wait … You have to “cross”!
Faith teaches us to move forward! And to the Egyptians, (the devil who is dying to “swallow you”) you have to show them your faith and who your God is. He is not verbal—He is alive and effective in your own life.

When you exercise your faith, you glorify Him. When you don’t do it, He is not glorified…

My cybernaut friend, the power is in your hands…
And now, what will you do today? What will you do with the meetings and the blogs that you have followed? Will you stay waiting for “any Tom, Dick, and Harry” to do what you have to do? Negative! Start doing now what has to be done!

Write on the blog what you will start doing today and remember that it’s not just talking … There are many people who talk a lot, but execute little. Talk and seek to solve, what is up to you—it’s a commitment that you have with yourself. Be a person of word! You have to be a woman or a man of word, and not play around.

A big hug and until next week!

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  1. I decide to be defined in my faith, be revolted and unrelenting in seeing the promises of God

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  2. I will start confronting the confusion about whether I should pursue something with my daughters mother (ex wife) or not. For months and months we’ve been in the unsure. Not moving forward nor back. But I’ve been praying for some type of sign and not really confronting the situation. I don’t know if I’m waiting for some miraculous sign to appear in the sky, but I need to act towards those signs. So I will talk, I will ask questions, I will confront. I’ve prayed now I need to do my part.

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  3. I make a decision to leave what is wrong, commenting things that leads me to wrong ways. I want to be baptised in water & to be ready for 21 days fast of Daniel. Iam invited to Universal South Africa to go tomorrow up to 01 march i want to go but my family dnt want me to go when i tell them there at the north becouse iam at work at the south & even in the house where iam working they dnt like me to go to church during the week when i go during the week especially 6pm when i come & ask them opening the gate calling them they are just quet in the house & open with their own time, i dnt take wrong coming back. Iam just now make my own decision that i will go to South africa as they post on my account telling me to go even they say that it may be those people of illuminaties.

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  4. I will cut the emotion, and cut the thoughts that bring the emotion once and for all! I will be revolted and move forward with the victory in my hands, believing in the victory before it comes. To use my faith, I will kill all the anxiety, I will doubt thw doubts from this moment onward and believe that My God and His promises are greater than any doubts.

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