What do you consider?

Viviane Freitas

  • 10
  • Jul
  • 2015

What do you consider?

  • 10
  • Jul
  • 2015

Hello to all cybernauts! We are here again one more day speaking about Intelligent Faith.

Every Friday we have been speaking about Faith. And today the topic is: what do you consider?

What do you normally consider? How do you go through the process of considering something? When you consider something, you have respect, you submit, you obey. And you obey with a joyous heart. You obey knowing who you are considering knows what they’re doing. You don’t have any misgivings, you don’t fear, you don’t suspect anything. When you consider something, you refuse what is wrong to submit to that which you are considering.

Well, here, in Hebrews 11: 24-26 says

By faith Moses, when he had grown up, refused to be known as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. He chose to be mistreated along with the people of God rather than to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin. He regarded disgrace for the sake of Christ as of greater value than the treasures of Egypt, because he was looking ahead to his reward.

When there is that consideration, like what happened with Moses: he was already a man and now it was not the faith of his parent’s faith that was being talked about, now it was his faith, it was through Moses’ faith… and a small observation: Moses spent most of his time in Egypt, but now, already a man, he recused being called the son of the daughter of Pharaoh…Isn’t that absurd?

Someone like the daughter of Pharaoh, that was considerate of him, who fought for Moses; the king’s decree was stopped because of the daughter of Pharaoh: the king’s decree was to kill all the newborn male Hebrew children. Pharaoh’s daughter was able to convince her father when she brought Moses to the palace and adopted him.

But now Moses went against his mother! The one who took care of him his whole life, after he was nursed by his biological mother, Jochebed, for some time, and then went back to the princess and even so, Moses denied her.

Note, the act of refusing to be called the son of the daughter of Pharaoh, wasn’t it aggressive? Yes, it was my fellow cybernaut! Faith separates you from the world, it doesn’t have any connection to those who serve God; faith defines this. Those who are from God are my friends, and those that are not from God are not my friends, not my brothers, not my family, but those who do obey and serve my God, those are my friends.

But you ask, “And the people who don’t know God, they aren’t your friends?” No, my fellow cybernaut! I fight for them, I speak of God to them, but each one has to make an individual decision.”

It is like the example of some people who come to me, like the case of one cybernaut…I remember that she said, “Oh Viviane, I love you so much, you have helped me a lot…”

And then after a few weeks, a few months, that woman did not appear in the church, cybernaut friend. Do you think that this love?… when you receive and head my words, the Word of God, and you refuse to accept and submit to them. No! That is not love.

The people in our society think that they about love, but they are very distant from what is actually love; love does good for you.

To that cybernaut, I have not seen here participating at church, so, what type of consideration does she have to the God that I presented to her? Those words she spoke to me where pure emotion; they were words just to please me… they were not real. Real is when you do what Moses did; look what happened:

By faith Moses, when he had grown up, refused to be known as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter.

He refused, went against that person was considered him. Why? Because of his faith. Pay attention:

He chose to be mistreated along with the people of God rather than to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin. He regarded disgrace for the sake of Christ as of greater value than the treasures of Egypt, because he was looking ahead to his reward.

Note that a person who considers refuses to be called a child of the devil, to have a union with things that don’t have anything to do with God. They prefer to pay the price, in other words, leave everything that imprisoned them to consider the God of Abraham.

“…regarded disgrace for the sake of Christ as of greater value..”

So, it’s like Moses thought like this, “ I am here in the palace, living here, and my people are enslaved. My God is not the god of this pharaoh, and in addition to that I have lived all these years as an Egyptian, here in this palace. What have I conquered? What is my happiness? What pleasure do I have to endure all my life? I am not going to serve this God! I refuse to be called the son of the daughter of Pharaoh! I do not belong to the Egyptian god, I belong to the God of Israel…”

He considered because he regarded the “greater treasures”. When he did this, it was a personal decision, because he considered God.

My fellow cybernaut friend, Moses was not among the Hebrew people for that much time; he was in Egypt mostly with the Hebrews… and what do you have to say? You say, “Oh but I have been more in the world, and it’s only now that I am starting in my faith…”

Friend, you have to be the daughter of God, you have to be called daughter, and to be called daughter you have to consider and regard the things of God.

And when there is consideration, there is respect; when you have respect, you refuse the things of the devil, to the connection that you have with the devil: with your sentiments, you are the one that knows! The things you have brought from Egypt, but that haven’t given you any life; you refuse the gifts that this world tries to attract you with: like thinking that you live your own life your way, that you can feel whatever you want and you have the right to feel…

When Moses refused to be called the son of the daughter of pharaoh, and preferred to be mistreated together with the people of God; it was because he looked to God.

You, who considers God, that profess that you have faith, have to deny your own desires. You have to refuse the things of the devil; you have to consider and respect the things of God… And not be a person who lives with a bad face, annoyed with whatever little thing, and for whatever situation you get sensitive…What kind of consideration for God do you say you have?

This is not how you refuse to say that you are the son of the daughter of pharaoh. You accept to have the DNA of your parents, your human DNA: with all your sentiments that you excuse by saying the it’s normal… everyone makes mistakes; it’s normal to feel like this but it is not normal to permit and live with it! In no shape or form!

My cybernaut friend when you consider God, that consideration to Him, that is respect, and consequently when there is respect for God, there is a respect for the servants of God. There is no malice, no bad eyes, no judgement, no defenses; you don’t wait for other servants of God to do what you need to do, which is to be humble.

Be humble, consider God, because He will honor you, “ God said, ‘I honor those who honor Me, but those who despise me will be disdained” you are the one that choses, my cybernaut friend!

If you are listening to this audio, it is not by coincidence; it is because in some way you are searching for something just, and if you’re doing that then evaluate your life and the fear you have for the things of God. Don’t do things your way, no! That does not please God, that is not giving consideration to God, that is not contemplating the reward not looking at the greater riches or to God.

When you are sad, you are tired, it’s like you are saying: “I have rights, the things that I feel have more value than the rewards God has to give me, and I don’t believe He will give them to me…”

When you feed things that are wrong, it is because in reality you don’t believe; look what happened with Moses: he refuse and paid a high price but he assumed his faith.

Cybernaut friend we will continue next week.

A big hug and leave your comments here.

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  1. Amen Mrs V , understand that I have to consider God more in my life more than anything….and humble myself when i am before he’s presence

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  2. Hello, thanks very much for the clarity, you said a mouth full especially about Moses’ faith. I didn’t understand it this way. You thrown a light of understanding in me. I too shall practice as said by you through the Holy Spirit.
    May GOD of the Bible use you much more.

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  3. Hello ms. Viviane
    I want to thank you for sharing this message with me today. It opened my eyes in a way how to look at myself and the people im dealing with right now. I need to be more carefull with the desecions that im taking everyday, so that nothing could destract me from the way i choose to live and that is near to God

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