In the Campaign of Israel my son was healed

Josiane Boccoli

  • 10
  • Jul
  • 2015

In the Campaign of Israel my son was healed

  • 10
  • Jul
  • 2015

With the clinical report in hand I tried to understand about it, I read many books, went into sites, watched videos, visited treatment centers, etc. Anyway, I met my enemy; I armed myself against him and went to the battle! Autism has various definitions; some hypotheses of what causes it, numerous treatments, however, there are no cures. Yes, this is the response we received: “Seek to make things better, learn to cope with it as best as you can because it’s forever, do not get excited… there may be advances but also regressions.

When I heard that, I thought only one thing: “It’s tied up! That’s totally against my faith.” I always respected doctors and specialists, but inside of me, as a mother who believes and knows the Power of God, hearing these words, yea, it was something surreal, so I took in what would be good for me to use with Gabi; however, I did not let them finish talking about me conforming to it.

The Campaign of Israel came and even before it started I was already praying, I was sure that my perfect sacrifice would bring into existence what did not yet exist and prepared myself for this. I asked God every day:

“Lord, what do you want from me? I want to sacrifice, ask me and I’ll give it to you”, this was my constant prayer, until I heard God’s voice.

He asked me and I didn’t doubt, it was something very special, priceless, but what was that compared to what I wanted?

I ran to sacrifice, sweated, I did what God asked me and even increased my sacrifice…I went beyond!

I love this Abrahamic faith that obeys and doesn’t oppose—because it’s this faith that guarantees us the unimaginable.

I went up to the altar with Gabriel in my arms, there I put my vow and my son, and said, “Now he is Yours my Lord, I did my part.” It was so strong, that from that moment on everything changed! It was not overnight, but there was a before and an after, I did not stop working with him or from seeking any other help to improve things, but within me—the victory was already certain. My son still had all the symptoms, however, I saw him healed.

After a few months, I can tell you that my son was reborn, he looked at me in the eyes, and he saw me and hugged me, something that we didn’t have. Day after day, month after month, year after year, Gabi was being transformed, the symptoms were disappearing without any medication and today he is almost normal, the healing came, it exists and it started the day we went to the altar.

Dear Mom, what you want from God will never compare to what you can sacrifice—God will always do more and yet better … He will do it Perfectly!

Enjoy your opportunity to bring to reality your long-awaited dream through this Campaign, go to the Altar and bring with you your transformed son.
Grab this opportunity!

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  1. In the middle of the tuebulrnce surrounding youThese trying times that are so hard to endureIn the middle of what seems to be your darkest hourHold fast your heart and be assuredThis too shall pass, like every night that’s come before itHe’ll never give you more than you can bearThis too shall pass, so in this thought you be comfortedFor it’s in His hands, this too shall pass, oh yesThe Father knows the tears you cry before they fallHe feels your pain, His heart and yours are oneThe Father knows that sorrow’s heavy chains are strongBut with His strength, you’ll overcomeFor this too shall pass, like every night that’s come before itHe’ll never give you more than you can bearThis too shall pass, so in this thought you be comfortedFor it’s in His hands, this too shall passSo set your eyes, set them on the mountainAnd lift your hands up to the skyAnd let His arms of love surround youLet Him take you to the other sideThis too shall pass, like every night that’s come and gone before itI’m so glad, He never gives [Incomprehensible] more than you can bearThis too shall pass, so in this thought you be comfortedFor it’s in his hands, this too shall passIt’s in His hands, this too shall passOh, it shall pass

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  2. U knw knowing God is Great!whn I read this story mi faith strength ens more nd more,on mi side in this campaign I wanted a child after so many tyms,so I bought a pregnancy test and I put it in the envelope together with mi Isaac(sacrifice)nd rite nw am pregnant.

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  3. This message/testimony teaches a lesson about sacrifice. When the altar calls you, you have to answer it because the altar gives more than what you give to it. When you sacrifice you have to make sure you are making a PERFECT sacrifice, whatever God asks for he will always test you to see if you will put him first. Obedience is the key to every sacrifice

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  4. When i saw this post i jumped and wanted to read it as quickly as i could… because what has been said here was almost close to what happened to me…

    I took part in the campaign of Israel on the 14th of June 2015, i was waiting for the campaign and i told myself that i will give my all financially and physically and that was it… that was my vow

    Not knowing that it wasn’t enough, i then went home and continued with my life… 2 days after my vow on Wednesday 17 June 2015, when i got home from work i saw my 4 year old son lying on the couch i asked my mother if hes okay my mom said “No hes not feeling well” me and my mom though maybe it was nothing serious, i then asked him to go and take something from the kitchen, my baby went to the bedroom walking very but very funny.. i then asked him where is the kitchen he pointed with his left hand i didn’t notice anything until i asked him to pick up something he used his left hand again… i got very but very shocked, i quickly asked him to come to me i asked him to clap his hands, my son used his left and and his left thigh Mrs Viviane heaven only knows how scared i was… My sons right hand wasn’t working, it had totally lost its never, i called his father we rushed him to the hospital, when we got there the doctor did some X-ray on him and told us that there was nothing to worry about the baby was fine, i asked her, because i am very sensitive when it comes to my child’s health, one thing i thought i should asked her before leaving was ” Don’t you think that this might be a minor stroke attack? ” she said No and assured me that it cannot be stroke if it was stroke it was suppose to be on his right side from head to toe.. Oh well i thought maybe shes right, we went home, i prayed for him and anointed him with the Holy oil from church and put him to sleep,

    The next morning i didn’t go to work just for me to see the progress of the child, when he woke up i was up already, when he got off from the bed he fell, i didn’t see how he fell, i then came and picked him up so he can stand i walked away from him and as he came towards me his right leg was twisting when he was coming, he started to pull his leg when coming i could see the way he was struggling when doing that, i quickly picked him up and sat him on the couch and asked my mom if she had seen how he was walking… my mom was speechlessness i took my cell phone and called his father and told him, because he was at work he sent someone to come pick us up.. when we got to the hospital i found him there, we went inside, when we got to the hospital i noticed his mouth had turned to the left, as i was holding him in my arms i looked at him and i was asking my self ” could this be true, could this be a stroke or what?” when we got there we found a different doctor, he asked me how do i know the child cant walk properly .. i them placed my son the floor and made him to stand and walked away from him and asked him to come, he pulled his leg and the doctor even noticed his mouth he then said sorry, because i told him that i would be bringing my child here if he was okay, he then sent me to the hospital’s pediatrician, when we got there the secretary told us that the doctor will only be there after 2 pm . i said even if he comes at night i will wait for him. He then came and asked us to come through, we went in, we told him what had happened, he didn’t want to tell us what was really happening with our child and he then told us that he first need to do some test and then he can be sure of anything but for now he will have to admit him. i was weak, i had lost my strength, i was angry and very but very depressed, i took my baby to the ward took off his clothes and placed him on the Bed… i have never seen or heard of a 4 year old child with stroke in my entire life, i cried as he fell asleep, i went to the bathroom and cried like a baby, i prayed and asked God to help me…

    i was asked to stay if i could, i then said ill be here until the last day, that night the Holy spirit spoke to me as i was praying and a thought came to me that what i was giving on the Altar of God was nothing he needed from me, i then gave my life, i said ” My Father, from now on i will live to please you and only u, as for me and my family we will serve you until forever ”
    after making this prayer, a burden was removed from my shoulders, i found new hope and as i took a moment to look at my son i saw him removing his hospital blanket with his right hand, my eyes where filled with tears, i thanked and i praised the Lord of Abraham

    The doctors scanned and made tests on my child but couldn’t find anything, they scanned the veins in his brains and his brain just to see and be sure of where this is coming from but nothing was found, Friday morning i bathed him and took him to the bathroom, we had to go to another hospital for MRI we went there and came back to the hospital they also gave him a lumber puncher to take flued in his spinal cord from is brain still he came back and found nothing , and told us that the scan showed that he is paralyzed in my heart was deliverance all the way and hope that the Lord is with us, Saturday early in the morning i took him to the bathroom
    that was when he said his 1st word, i was so happy with all the joy i had we spent the whole day with him, i had to go back home because Bishop Edir Macedo was coming to our church in bara that sunday the 21 July 2015, the holy spirit was present, we prayed we even invited the Holy spirit to come in our lives. that was my 1st sacrifice that i had given to God

    After the service i went to the hospital, when i got there the doctor told me that my baby was fine, he can now walk and talk and can use all his body to do anything he wants too…

    my whole life changed when i invited and gave my life to God, i pray more now and seek him daily, and yesterday on the Alter of God i presented my sacrifice for the campaign of Israel ( Abraham)

    I thank The God of the universal church for 38 years He’s been doing extraordinary things in our lives

    My baby is fine, fit and healthy

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