Weak Assistants vs. Strong Assistants

Viviane Freitas

  • 27
  • Jun
  • 2013

Weak Assistants vs. Strong Assistants

  • 27
  • Jun
  • 2013

In today’s article we will analysis what type of person we are.

Jacob evaluated himself and even though he was rich, famous and prosperous in everything, he recognized that he needed an inner transformation.

Jacob wrestled all night knowing that he was fighting for this transformation. He was sure of what he wanted and wasn’t ashamed to expose who he really was.

And you, Assistant, are you willing to look back and recognize who you truly are?

Let’s look closely at the differences between a weak Assistant and a strong Assistant.
Be honest with yourself, as Jacob was.

A weak Assistant always has an excuse for her sins!
A strong Assistant is not ashamed to assume her mistakes!

A weak Assistant always blames others for her mistakes!
A strong Assistant is not afraid to take the blame even if she “looses” out!

A weak Assistant always makes herself the “victim”.
A strong Assistant believes that even if no one believes in her, she believes in herself!

A weak Assistant takes criticism as a burden!
A strong Assistant takes criticism as an opportunity to grow!

A weak Assistant talks a lot, but rarely acts on it!
A strong Assistant says a few words, but acts with assurance!

A weak Assistant always complains during difficult times!
A strong Assistant is thankful during difficult times because she knows it will make her grow!

A weak Assistant depends on what others think of her!
A strong Assistant listens to the voice of Intelligence and acts alone!

A weak Assistant will not admit she is weak…
A strong Assistant draws strength from her weaknesses!

A weak Assistant imposes her thoughts and ideas onto others!
A strong Assistant exposes her opinion with vision!

A weak Assistant does everything to draw attention from others!
A strong Assistant is a reference!

A weak Assistant does not sacrifice entirely…
A strong Assistant is the constant sacrifice!

Who have you been? The weak Assistant or the strong one?
Think first before you answer!!
Because if you don’t think first you are bound to be the weak one!

You decide who you want to be! If you are weak and decide to be strong, who can stop you?

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9 comentários

  1. Thank you for this strong messages! It is an eye-opener!
    I choose to be the strong one!
    God bless you more

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  2. Thank you for reminding us a servants…mrs Luisa it reminds me before and now some people esp.if they are close to us they blame their weakness asking why? instead think intelligently by asking God the strength to shape us and mold in a way we Please God,but this comes through if we Humble ourselves.

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  3. Thank you Mrs. Luisa, this is a very strong revealation for all of us.Chosing what kind of assistant we are it is when we analyze our inner self.the way we act that will show if we are weak or strong. we need to work hard and strive to be a strong assistant.

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