Viviane Freitas’ tips

Viviane Freitas

  • 18
  • Feb
  • 2014

Viviane Freitas’ tips

  • 18
  • Feb
  • 2014

Hi, my dear friends!

On Saturday 8 th, we had a meeting where we talked about the inner beauty; which should be the main one in each of us.

After that, we had a lesson with tips related to our outer beauty that had been put into practice. What’s more, they should not be forgotten but improved every day.


Viviane, who is always very stylish, have given valuable tips that I will share with you:



· * If you are overweight, do not wear tight clothes. It is a mistake to think that if you squeeze your clothes, you will look slimmer. It will only make your fat be in evidence all the time.



· * If you have chubby arms, do not wear tight t-shirts or shirts on the sleeves because it will also show that you have this kind of arms. You can disguise them when you wear wide sleeves.

Bralo gordo
· *This has happened to me: When you wear baggy trousers, it seems you lose weight, says Viviane. But be careful! Do not go out with baggy clothes because it will seem that you take your clothes from your older sister.

. *If you want to hide your wide hips, you should wear your shirt into the trousers but only in the front. At your back, you should not do that. You can wear a long and cute belt.
Camisa para fora cinto
· *If you have too much breast, do not use ruffles on shirts because they will only increase the impression of a large chest.

· *The black and white look is very beautiful but it makes people get tired of it. So, you can use a lot of golden accessories.

· * If you are very skinny, do not use tight trousers because you looked as if you were thinner than you really are.

· * The high heel shoes have not been made for uneven sidewalks as the ones we have in our towns. Those sidewalks hurt our shoes and feet. So, take your high heel shoes in a bag to wear them when you reach your destination and be always nice.

Our meetings are complete. We become beautiful not only in our inside but also in the outside. However, it only happens to those who want to achieve this in their lives and put the tips into practice.

Kisses. See you next week.


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4 comentários

  1. Loved the tips, thanks for sharing.

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  2. Great Tips thank you very much 🙂

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  3. Dear Ms. Guni, it’s not only about clothe issues on women, but I think it helps us aspire some of us to be comfortable with our own bodies, be happy, and aspire more in a healthy way, this is thru exercise. For example, I have sonewhat of too much breast, but I love ruffles on blouses. Sometimes I look disproportionate on pics with my rear when I wear blouses because it is small. It all depends on the clothes we wear under. I learned that if I wear a lightly ruffled blouse with a paddy bra and tight jeans, I look like a super model :-). Plus it inspires to exercise to not just look better, but stay healthy.

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  4. I do have to disagree with some tips above you can be fat and rock those flabby arms google curvy bloggers we are not all skinny.i believe in loving the skin you are in.those big hips can be rocked in a classy way celebrate what body God Gave you not conform to magazines.
    This is why we have issues as women .

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