Traveler’s guide, what is it?

Bárbara Filipe

  • 10
  • Jun
  • 2015

Traveler’s guide, what is it?

  • 10
  • Jun
  • 2015

A traveler’s guide is for those who are traveling to another country and need to know what procedures and precautions should be taken when going to the country of destination.

When we decide to travel, whether for vacation or business, for a long or short stay, it is extremely important to assess the health risks that may be associated with this change in the country, for this reason early prevention is essential.

If we travel with children, elderly or pregnant women, the precautions should be reinforced, as climate change, food and time zone, may cause more impact on them.

Procedures, precautions, risks … After all, what should I consider before traveling?

We will provide some questions for which you should seek the answers to before planning your trip:

  • How long will I be visiting another country?
  • What are the weather conditions in that country?
  • What is the time zone?
  • What is the health infrastructure of the country and what kind of access do you have to it?
  • Is there any obligation to take any vaccinations before traveling to that country?
  • What are the characteristics of the site where I’ll be staying?

The answer to these and other questions can be found in a traveler’s guide, which is available in various health centers across the country. To find the one nearest to you, please contact the main one in your area. The cost of this consultation varies depending on medical care, such as vaccinations and all other procedures that are necessary.

Upon reading this post, some may ask: “I often travel for work … I’ll just return to my country of birth after several years…” or “the climate, food and the time zone of the place I’m travelling to is very similar to the country where I live, why so much precautions? “

As mentioned in the previous week, viruses and bacteria have evolved and therefore, there is a need for new vaccines and for a more structured vaccination plan for each country.

And despite your organism being more accustom than others, the weather variations, or the fact that you have been born in the place where you want to travel to, you must be prepared for these changes and take the necessary precautions mentioned because people change and places too!

Everything is a matter of planning.
As we plan for a trip in detail, we must also prepare our body for the change it will face.

Have a good trip.

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