Tips to keep fit over the holidays

Viviane Freitas

  • 18
  • Dec
  • 2013

Tips to keep fit over the holidays

  • 18
  • Dec
  • 2013

The end of year festivities have began and with them the over eating.

Although we don’t celebrate Christmas this is a time where we usually get together with family and have those big meals.

Who doesn’t look forward to those moments? Where there is cake, turkey, pork roast, lamb, cod fish, beverages, nuts, walnuts and many desserts.

This is the time when many people gain back those pounds that took them over two months to lose. After the holidays, the battle begins all over again. Is this the correct path to go down? Surely not!

Let’s take a look at the tips the nutritionist Cristiane Cedra gives us:

To begin, we need to understand that this over-eating during the holidays is part of our culture. You can’t be radical like some people who stop eating all together during those meals just because they don’t want to gain weight. This is totally wrong.

The frustration that this causes leads to compensate for it some other time. If you don’t eat at supper then the first chance you get you will eat in large amounts of any other food.

Remember you can’t change the meals that are being prepared during this time, but your behavior can. Here are some tips to achieve this:

1. Eat during the day as you normally would. Including snacks. Many people hardly eat anything all day so that at night they can eat everything they didn’t during the day. But remember that whenever you get a lot of energy at once, the body uses what it needs and the rest it stocks up.

2. Avoid snacking while preparing the food. When you “taste” the food you lose track of how much you eat.

3. Avoid snacking on a lot of chestnuts, walnuts, and dried fruit all day before meals. Despite being great for your health they are also very caloric and if you eat them in excess, it will contribute to weight gain.

4. Remember to chew your food well during these meals. Most people see so much delicious food that they become desperate to eat fast so they can repeat. This is not necessary (food doesn’t have legs lol). Chew well and taste the food.

5. Use light mayonnaise, light cream, light condensed milk and diet soda to prepare food. This will make a big difference in the total amount of calorie intake.

6. Do not abuse the amount of intake neither during meals or dessert. Many people say it’s just one day during the year and therefore they abuse it. But many of the same foods you eat during this time you will also have it during the year.

7. Make desserts with less fat to make up for the fat in the meat you will eat.

8. During these days take a walk or do some kind of physical activity.

Following these tips and for sure you will be able to maintain your weight during the holiday season.

Above all, enjoy your family, always giving, not only food, but lots of love and affection! Kisses and hugs.

Source: ANutricionista.Com

* The information contained in this blog is not for individual purposes. It’s not a substitute for regular health care. Always consult your physician regarding your health and nutrition.

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