Tips for a more beautiful make up

Viviane Freitas

  • 17
  • Dec
  • 2013

Tips for a more beautiful make up

  • 17
  • Dec
  • 2013

Hello, the end of the year is here, so how about learning some tips for you to look even more beautiful.

Put on make up so that you are always elegant and beautiful, without exaggerating, nothing too striking because the purpose of wearing makeup is to highlight your beauty and not make you into someone different.

Here are a few tricks that will make all the difference in your make up.

 Treat Dark Circles

Make a very concentrated chamomile tea and apply it cold onto your eyes. After that apply concealer. But in order for it to work choose a shade lighter than your skin tone. If you have very dark circles you should choose concealer on a stick, which are thicker and give a better coverage. Make sure you apply it correctly. Rubbing too much will remove all the coverage. Spread it out evenly so there aren’t any lumps left over (this gives the impression that there are wrinkles under the eyes). The best way to apply it is by tapping it on lightly using a sponge and finishing it off with a very thin layer of translucent powder. This will give you a very natural appearance.

Disguising your freckles

The best thing is to let them be natural because if you try to hide them it can make your make up look too heavy. The trick is to use a very thin layer of foundation and a rosy blush or a bronzer making your skin look healthy.

Making your nose look thinner

Believe me a good makeup is better than plastic surgery. If your problem is your nose then first, darken the sides of your nose with a shadow or powder two shades darker than your skin tone. If you have pale skin choose pink colors. Highlight the tip of your nose with a lighter shade. It’s good to even use a highlighter for this. If you have a dark skin complexion you can get this effect using a bronzer or brown shade. To highlight use a lighter shade.

Defined eyebrows

An eyebrow pencil generally tends to make your eyebrows look too heavily. A good tip for anyone who has light eyebrows is to use a 2B pencil (the one used to draw on paper). If you have darker brows with a thin brow brush apply a shadow one shade lighter than your brow color following your natural brow line.

Making your lips more voluminous

This trick is for those who have very thin lips and need to give them a little volume. Apply a concealer and powder before your lipstick. Apply a more vivid color and finish off with a gloss or liquid lipstick color. If you think you need to outline them, use a lip pencil in the same color of the liquid lipstick you chose.

 To make your lips look thinner

To make your lips look thinner choose lipstick with dull colors. Apply lipstick only on the inside of your lips. To make them look even thinner apply a concealer the color of your skin tone around your lips.

Making your eyelashes look longer

It’s not only nowadays that it’s important to have well defined eyelashes to complete your look. To further lengthen eyelashes start by using a water proof mascara then run the brush in a compact powder and apply it to your eyelashes and to finish off dip the brush into the tube again and put on another layer of mascara. The effects are amazing.

Until next time, kisses to all and a great 2014 filled with many achievements and goals.

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